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it’s not About Me

My name is Tony Francis from Lebanon – Middle East. I am grounded in the scriptures and have a license degree in biblical studies from MTI, school of ministry and a certificate in EPL (effective personal leadership) from LMI and I am part of ALC church.

I love theology, but without experience, it always sounded lifeless to me. When I started experiencing the prophetic years ago, I was forever changed. The prophetic made Jesus so real to me and in the world around me. I had authored many books and am the founder of Healed Nations Ministries.


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Latest Prophetic Devotion

Short prophetic devotions

Blinded From the God Increase?

Do you have a blind spot that is blinding and keeping you from the God increase? Learn more and step into abundance.

The Gift of Prophecy

What is the gift of prophecy? How to discern if you are speaking under the influence of the Holy Spirit or another realm? Who are those believers who will ever increase in the anointing of the gift of prophecy? Learn more as you read this word written for you.

You Are Called to Write

God doesn't want you to miss your destiny of writing for his glory. You are called to be a writer and you know it. Let this word encourage you today as you read it.

Keys to Step into Abundance

When you think like God, you obtain God results. Read about the keys that will unlock you in abundance. It is an ancient biblical practice taught by God!

The Narrow Gate

Those prophetic words marked my whole life years ago! I thank God I opened my email that day. This is what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart through Kris.

Healing From Trauma

Discover the shocking truth about trauma. What it truly is and how to be healed from it? You don't want to miss this revelation. Wholeness is calling your name!

Day of the Supernatural

The way you see God is the way he manifests to you and through you. God wants to touch your perceptions about him as the God of the supernatural. It is a day of the supernatural! Learn more

Breaking the Lies of the Enemy

Why does the devil fight hard against your own divine freedom? What is he really afraid of? Find out

Blessed with Open Heavens + Decrees & Prayer

The LORD will open to you His good treasure, the heavens, to give the rain to your land in its season, and to bless all the work of your hand. You shall lend to many nations, but you shall not borrow. Deuteronomy 28: 12. Learn more

The Store of God’s Blessings

Big malls are a shallow shadow of Christ, who is the store of Heaven. In him, all treasures are found! God who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for you how will he not also, along with him, graciously give you all things? Don't enter Christ's store begging, it is all purchased for you. Just believe and receive!

Breaking Demonic Altars

The altar created in your life determines the outcome. Learn more about this ancient and only spiritual transaction method linking realms together.

Navigating 2022 Through the Lens of the Holy Spirit

A serious word on how to navigate the new year. You are already equipped and ready to enter.

The FATHER is Rolling His Sleeves

LIFE is calling your name. It is not over, in fact, it is just the beginning! Something is about to happen ...


Are you qualified for mentoring and feeding the followers of Christ?

I Know My Plans for You

Downloading God's agenda for yourself

The Release of GREAT Finances, Discerning Times & Seasons

It is time for a GREAT release of finances for kingdom advancement Read more!

How to Read the Word of God?

Discover 3 keys that will help you to read the word of God in a better way.
Tony Francis

So How Did I Start Prophesying? 

My testimony about how I received the gift of prophecy years ago and how you can too!

Eye Salve To SEE

Mysteries revealed about seeing in the spirit. Read Now!

Jesus the River

What is the difference between Jesus the water and Jesus the river? Setup for an encounter!

She killed him then he killed her

God wants you to start strong and finish strong. Find out more about this and be empowered!

Beholding the Father

You can see God and know him. God created you for this lifetime and eternal journey of revelations and discoveries. Find out how!

I AM Coming Back

Why did Jesus fold his face' cloth next to the linen he was buried in?

Blessed, Cursed then Blessed

Read a free devotion from my new book “Blessed in Christ” – How to live like a Christianaire! – Toni Francis

Getting Early to Meet Him

Is there a specific time to pray and spend time with God? Discover this right biblical pattern and tap into this great blessing.

The Angel & the Trumpet of Humility

Thursday 4 April 2019, an Angel came to my room at night while I was praying and blew a trumpet ...

Dancing Between Two Emotions

Hosting God is more than saying: "Welcome Sweet Holy Spirit"

The Reality of Spiritual Substances

The WORD became flesh. Understanding the spiritual and the natural realms!

The Narrow Path

Why am I going through all this Lord?
she was caught in the action

She Was Caught In The Action

They wanted to kill a Jewish woman caught in a sexual intercourse. She was caught in the action! Read what happened next. Based on a true story! You too can change.
the great focus

The Great Focus

How to purchase your life dreams and desires successfully?
sinner in the hands of an angry god

A Sinner In The Hands Of An Angry God

Was God of the Old Testament angry or we misunderstood his unchanged nature?
Secrets of Time Management Revealed

Creating Your Day From The Glory Realm

God created everything to serve you. Sun, moon, stars, trees, animals, etc. Read in Genesis 1 how all these serve you, including TIME!

Fish & Soul Party

If you really want to upgrade your party life, if you want to increase the dose, marry this happy guy as I did.

I Met Her In Traffic

I have been struggling a lot with the issue of relationships. Can you witness this with me? ... Enjoy the good nuggets inside

A Stranger Called My Name

I had a bizarre experience that made me think again about everything. This morning I woke up to a phone call, not like any phone call.

Yesterday dad told me this story …

I did not know the power of hearing a story until I heard dad told me this story yesterday.

I hear the sound of abundance of rain

If you tried everything and still are in your dry season, let me introduce you to the atmosphere changer and the rain dropper!

If Jesus was a CEO

Jesus is so excited, he has his own company now! Read how the Son of God will spend his first day at work!

4 Daughters Who Prophesy

Do you want to be part of this prophetic army that God is rising in this hour?

Getting Ready For Marriage

This short devotion is for couples and singles. Be ready to be amazed again!

Marveled at his Faith

Discover insights that will increase your faith. Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith and learning from him brings you results.

Recruiting Angels

Do you want to take your life to a higher level? Do you want to bring heaven to earth? Let me introduce you to your Angelic help.

Long Lasting Success

How to have success and how to remain successful for a long time?

We've complicated Love

Are you available to be loved on?

A Terrifying Beauty

You were made to encounter the terrifying beauty of Jesus continually, you were made to become like him!

Back to Authority

You were created by God to rule, reign and take dominion with him. Find out about your original calling!

The Bride of Christ

This devotion will stir your heart with so much passion and love and will connect you to the heart beat of your heavenly groom Jesus.


If the Lord opened the window of heaven and shouted to you I LOVE YOU, it would be nice and honest but would his beautiful words save you from hell if he didn't die on the cross to save you? Learn what true love is ...

The Devil

This word isn't to glorify the Devil whatsoever but to expose him who likes to work in the dark and to open your eyes and redeem your time by shifting your blame from God who is for you to the Devil who is against you.

Mary, highly favored

The qualities that prepared Mary for greatness can be imparted to you also because God is no respecter of man. Find out more ...

Everlasting Father

God the Father didn't become a father overnight, he is never new to this experience of fatherhood, he is not new in the business of fathering because he is the EVERLASTING FATHER.

You can hear God

There is nothing more exciting in the world than to hear God. This word will change your life!

Harry the Guitarist

Harry was a young beggar who spent all his life on the street but he was not an ordinary beggar he was talented in music especially in playing guitar but something happened to him ...

God's Bosom

God created you for himself and he longs for intimacy with you!

The Truth about Prayer

God wants to teach you how and with who to pray. Learn how!

The Prison Of Emotions

What’s an emotional attachment? How the gift of emotions in your relationships can turn out to be your prison? Find out how it is possible for you to love others and remain free. Learn important keys to have healthy and balanced relationships that last for a long time under the blessing of God.

The Heritage of a Son

The moment you become a child of God, you became his inheritor, now think of it for a moment: what is it like to be an inheritor of God? Are you aware that you are a son of the Most High God? Are you aware of your inheritance with Christ? This revelation will position you today to tap by faith into the riches of his Glory stored up for you!

The Language of Honor

Honor is the highest form of love expressed and when you are filled with God’s kind of Love you can start talking his language!

My Testimony

I knew my father as a provider not as someone who longs for intimacy with me. Read how my father's distance and a broken relationship with him messed me up and how my perspective of my perfect heavenly Father who is like no other was deformed with the filter of my imperfect experiences with my earthly father.

Relationships like Heaven

If you really want an exciting glorious life of blessed relationships, look at the Trinity! God longs that your relationships to be on earth as it is heaven! Let God coach you in relationships and bring you revival!

The Story of Rocky & Sandy

Are you a short term or a long term parent? Will your parenting accompany your children and influence them to make godly decisions even when you aren’t with them? Learn the way God designed parenting to be!

When fathers abandon you

There’s nothing that can separate us from our heavenly Father because Jesus paid the price of abandonment once and forever. Let this powerful truth rock your world!

The healing touch of Jesus

What’s your bed of sickness? Jesus the Healer is visiting you today through this word because he longs to show you compassion as you come to him!

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Christian & Positive Apparels, Accessories & Digital

Use promo code DISCOUNT25 on checkout for a 25% discount on everything. God bless you! New items added every day. For customization contact me!

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