I Have Never Sinned, Can You Believe It?

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Have you ever thought about the cross of Jesus? Have you considered what He really did for you? I’ve always struggled to fully grasp, both simply and deeply, how the blood of Yeshua wiped away my sins and atoned for them. I sing songs about the blood, read scriptures about it, and thank Him for redeeming me, but I’ve never fully grasped the enormous, life-changing mystery of the Son of God’s sacrifice for me and for you!

How do you understand the atonement of sins? What does it really mean for God, you, and the enemy? Does the shedding of Jesus’ blood for me mean that I have never sinned? JUSTIFIED, JUST IF I’D NEVER sinned before God and men? Or does it mean I sinned, but God forgave me of my past and is not recording it anymore for my judgment because Jesus took it and paid the price for me? Which scenario is the right one? In Christ, and before God, did I sin or never live a defective life?

To simplify it for you and give you the answer before revealing a huge, life-changing revelation, approach, perspective, and activation: YES, I sinned, and Christ died to redeem me.

I am a sinner, and I need a Savior, just as you do! Now that I have received Christ’s wonderful, surreal yet down-to-earth redemption, I have become a new creation, a righteous being who never fell into sin from the beginning. WOW! (We can celebrate right here).

Let me illustrate it with this example and then do an activation with you that is a SHOCKER to your flesh, which is always at war with the spirit.

When a judge stamps a paper to declare someone who was guilty now clean, it means the judge has officially erased the person’s criminal record through a process called expungement. This decision makes it as though the crime never happened, allowing the person to move forward without the past conviction affecting their future opportunities, like employment or housing.

This is too much to grasp, right? I know but it is real yet earthly still. Continue reading because what is coming is greater than that and let’s invite the Holy Spirit to help us taste God’s unfathomable love for us in Christ Jesus.

In Christ, you never sinned before God! Don’t freak out now; you can keep thanking God and you should for Jesus, who saved you from your sinful nature. YES, you can and should tell others your testimony of how Christ transferred you from darkness to light and transformed you. I am not telling you to forsake this awesome part of redemption. We will always be grateful and worship the Lord for this INTELLIGENT TECHNOLOGY that no eyes have seen, ears have heard, or hearts grasped what God prepared for those He loves. No one ever saw this coming, not even the devil. It is not a GOD move if you can perceive it or the devil.

What am I really saying here in the presence of the Lord? I am locked in the realm of thanking the Lord for being my Savior, yet I have come to a place where I am more focused on my righteousness in Christ than my transition from sin.

Many Christians dwell on the cross only and never lock focus with their newly restored nature of righteousness. The cross of Jesus was the door, the entrance to a relationship with God through this righteous nature in Christ Jesus, but many remain at the door. Imagine if I invited you to visit my mansion (I don’t live in one and I love small houses) and you remained at my beautiful big gate, thanking me for the invite, contemplating the gold ornament, the bigness of it, etc. Would you be considered sane? The cross was the door and we will forever BE THANKFUL for the entrance, yet it is the inside realm of righteousness that you must awaken to that will revolutionize the way you live before God and men. In Christ right now, you never sinned. You were never a sinner! Jesus became sin so that you may become His righteousness. What part of YOU ARE RIGHTEOUS can’t you understand?

It grieves the Lord when you stay at the door and never get acquainted with the inside realms of righteousness that many Christians are not awake to.

In Christ now, you were never GAY! You were never a PROSTITUTE! You never cheated on your wife, and you never killed that neighbor. Look, I understand this is too much to grasp, and it doesn’t make sense, and if it does, then it is not a GOD technology. You may tell me, “But Tony, I do feel like I am gay (since this is the greatest now), and I engaged in homosexual experiences with men. The sensation was real, the images, the feelings, the sounds, the touch… I can’t get it that in Christ, I was never gay because I was, believe me.”

Thanks for asking! haha. I will answer this one:

You were gay before Christ, indeed, and Christ did save you not just from being gay; actually, He saved you from something bigger and greater, which is a sinful nature. After being saved and entering the door (Christ’s Sacrifice), Heaven stamps you as NEVER GUILTY! Can you understand the power of that or what? I sense the power of the Holy Spirit writing this, and I know He is greatly delighted that I am unpacking it for you because it changed my life!!!

NOW, IN CHRIST, you are not considered GAY anymore, and you can’t renew your mind if you can’t establish your identity first as clean. What do I mean? Glad you asked, again. The Bible exhorts us to CONSIDER OURSELVES DEAD TO SIN and alive to Christ and righteousness. In simpler terms, you should never think again of those past things, and you can SANELY and BOLDLY rehearse day and night: I WAS NEVER GAY, I never went through it, I never did this or that, you name it for yourself, whatever you engaged in before.

The enemy will TRY TO ANNIHILATE the work of the cross by making you sin-focused and not Son-focused.

Jesus took your sinful nature and mine on the cross, and in Him, it was never ours. He paid for it; it doesn’t belong to us anymore. Jesus didn’t only redeem your nature but your time too because in Christ now you never were or did those things, which means you never lived this lifetime of sin. You had a righteous life from the beginning.

Read this article 1000 times and BEG the Holy Spirit to reveal this dramatic truth to you that Heaven is eager to reveal to mankind night and day. Let me tell you this too before I activate you. If I were the devil and I knew in glimpses that one day you would be a great singer and you would glorify the Lord with this lifestyle, I would have done everything in my power to destroy this from your childhood. I would have convinced you that your voice is bad, you will not match up or improve, others are better, get another career, etc. Say you believed those lies and embraced them and wasted your life derailed from God’s original calling and cursed yourself for decades saying I am a bad singer. Guess what? In Christ now, you can say I WAS A GOOD SINGER from the beginning of time and I am seasoned in this gift, but the enemy had me go through this lie experience because I was a potential threat to him if I awoke to that.

Same for you as gay! Your identity, manliness, fatherhood, and mostly authority threatened the devil that he had to create another scenario to derail you. He is a liar! In Christ, you were never gay, and you never lived this experience at all. Until you confess this and align with righteousness and DIE TO SIN, you won’t experience this surreal glory yet available.

Each one of you has a story, identify with a sin, so apply what I am teaching you here, and mount to realms you never dreamt of. Next time you say God is good, let it be based on some understanding of what He accomplished for you on the cross. The devil hates the cross!

Let’s do an activation here. So I told you in Christ, you are righteous because the bible says so, have a new nature, and time redemption, so rewrite your story in the pen of this truth now (you can type in the comment section). As for me, I will say this:

“I grew up in a godly house, and I have witnessed amazing love, honor, and respect between mom and dad that whet my appetite for godly relationships and surely a marriage and life of commitment. My mom never yelled at me, never ignored me, always there to love on me and comfort me. She always encouraged me and affirmed my identity as a growing boy. She signed me up for activities that built my character and self-esteem and was never controlling of me. She always encouraged me to be bold and serve others. I thank God that I lived in a peaceful home, with no sickness, no disease, no stress or drama. I had a childhood that if told in detail, nobody would believe me. I had a great life growing up. Never miss an opportunity to be served and to serve others. I never went through traumas, no child abuse, no fear, no stress; it was a happy, blessed upbringing.” Amen.

For those who don’t get it yet, I lived the opposite, but I am acquainted today that in Christ, I was never guilty because He restored my good nature and lifetime. We lose you as Christians when we move from theory to practicality. Every Christian is excited they are God’s righteousness now, but I think many will be offended when they read the practicality of it here.

Go do your activation, believe it, this is not fiction, not at all. “Let it be according to your faith!”

I dare you to share this with your friends and EVEN THEOLOGIANS!

God bless you,
Tony Francis

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