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In the Present Moment with Jesus

By Nancy Johnson
Live free from circumstances by engaging Jesus in the present moment!

Keep The Weeds Out!!!

By Susanne P. Drawe
Keep The Weeds Out!

The seasons have changed!

By Cheryl Shepherd
Cheryl Shepherd shares a message of hope for the changing seasons and a time to say goodbye to the old in anticipation of welcoming your new season!

Dreams of Comfort for the Brokenhearted

By Cheryl Shepherd
Cheryl Shepherd pictured with her son Billy, provides a touching story of how God uses dreams to bring comfort to the brokenhearted. ...the Lord is near to the brokenhearted; He saves those crushed in spirit. Psalms 34:18

Experiencing Grief

By Cheryl Shepherd
Cheryl Shepherd has worked in developing the Family Interaction Program relating to the passing of Passengers of American Airlines flights as a member of the AA care team. She has a desire to bring light and hope to those who have suffered loss as someone who has experienced the loss of many close family members and friends herself.

Heroes of Holiness Will Arise!

By Robert Hotchkin
God is inviting His people into something POWERFUL, something that He’s been very intentionally leading up to for more than two decades.

Kool-Aid And A Cookie

By Kay Franklin
Recalling A Childhood Memory

3 Things Every Christian Must Know During COVID-19

By Robert Hotchkin
We are in the midst of some really interesting and challenging times. There is all sorts of information, theory, confusion, opinion and conjecture swirling about in regards to this COVID-19 CCP Coronavirus pandemic. What are we to listen to? What can we trust? What are we to believe?

Between Fake and Authentic: a Lost Identity

By Roula el Azzi
How does a woman living according to God’s call live in the modern world and remain an influence to others, a role model to follow who is not affected by the world?

Daddy's Face

By Sara Obeid
I have always been learning about the importance of seeking the Face of God before anything else! But I never truly understood what it means until I had my son John.
Kay Franklin In The Gap

In The Gap

By Kay Franklin
God sought for a man to stand in the gap and found none but CHRIST who really cares for you and who is worthy. In CHRIST, you are a priest. Join Jesus in his powerful prayers and agree with him to see heaven invading earth!

Is God Upset With You?

By Wayne Sutton
It feels so good when you hear someone saying I love you and it feels so good when you are reminded of this moment, over and over. Meditating on God's nature in his word toward you will change your life. Read more

Your Faith Creates Miracles

By Angela Greening
Read these insights of Angela Greening about your faith that creates miracles. This is normal Christianity! Step in ...

Temptations Will Never Cease

By Joe Tannous
After he overcame in the wilderness, Jesus came out in the power of the Holy Spirit. Your hidden victories will be rewarded publicly and temptations promote and escalate you into new levels of power in God. Read this word of Joe Tannous and get excited because temptations are an opportunity for you to score and establish your victory in Christ.

Taking up Your Cross

By Joe Tannous
"Jesus died long before being nailed to the cross". Learn more about the power of dying to self

Elisha's Double Anointing

By Barbie Breathitt
A deeper and a closer look into the life of the prophet Elisha.

3 Stages Of Marriage - Marriage Therapy Made Easy!

By Wayne Sutton
Where are you on the three stages of life in marriage? Are you ready to rebuild and get back to the romance stage?

Why Expelled?!

By Joe Tannous
When you mature in Love you start seeing and reading scriptures differently because now you understand more the nature of God and you interpret it well. Joe Tannous discovered more God's loving and saving nature in what you are about to read!

An Amazing Experience

By Joe Tannous
Joe Tannous has once a life changing conversation with the Lord about the serious limitations that sin causes. What did Joe hear from the Lord that changed his life? Read More ...

Has your soul become much discouraged because of the way?

By Katie Souza
Have you become much discouraged because of the way? Many times wounds in your soul will tempt you to sin! What is the first thing to do to get your soul healed? Read More …

4 Keys to Healing the Sick

By Dr. Stuart Pattico
Jesus said that we would “lay hands on the sick, and they will recover”. So how can we begin to operate in this healing power? Well, let’s look at four keys that I share when teaching others to move in this area. Read More ...

4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice

By Mark and Patti Virkler
"I was one of those sheep who was deaf to his Shepherd until the Lord revealed four very simple keys (found in Habakkuk 2:1, 2) that unlocked the treasure of His voice." Read More ...

Death & Life according to God's word

By Joe Tannous
"If you love someone, all that you want is to spend time with him/her". THE LIFE wants to be in a relationship with you! Read More ...


By Patricia King
Who in the world are you? How do you live in the Kingdom realm while in the earth? Patricia King gives you the biblical foundational exciting truths about YOU in Christ! Read more

Revival Is Coming

By Patricia King
Patricia King gives you insights and keys to be part of the coming revival: "Birthing revival through intercession is a key. We have the prophetic word and now we need the intercession. If we posture ourselves in prayer, we will see the glory of God. Revival is on its way." Read more

Give God your best

By Martine Kiwan
Martine Kiwan shared a Key that will take you to a new level of professionalism in God that will improve your relationship with him! Find out How?

Manifestations - What do they mean?

By Kathie Walters
Are you hungry to hear God's voice? But what if you are limiting God in talking to you? God talks in many ways, don't miss one! Read this word of Kathie Walters which is eye opening, faith stretching and bible based on how God talks through signs, wonders & manifestations and remove the boundaries to increase your hearing!