Transparency to the Extent of Vulnerability

This thought of becoming transparent has been coming to mind for a couple of days. It may sound hardcore but it’s very simple! If I had to rephrase it, it simply says: we need to become childlike, not childish!!

A child is open, innocent, trusts blindly, humble in nature, teachable, explorative, creative, inquisitive, joyful, playful, and not afraid to let out its true feelings & needs !! You get the real deal with a child, hence you see people melt when they are around a baby or a toddler.

Yeshua said: “Let the children come to Me and don’t stop them! For the kingdom of heaven is like these little children” his disciples were trying to shush the children!! That is such a graceful move of Yeshua, to have children play around and would not be disturbed by their chitchat!!

Most of the time, we as adults want kids to be in a separate room if we are having a meeting !! On the contrary, have we tried having them alongside and not be disturbed or irritated!! It’s a kind of challenge or a discipline we need to practice!! To not get ticked by immaturity or innocence!! That’s a journey I’m on .. and I feel it’s a long way to grow!! Try it!! Mothers have great patience!! Hats off to them!!

If only we could become like children, willing to trust our Heavenly Father completely to the extent that we would not be afraid to be silly, that would be another level of maturity! I say that because it’s a test to have blind faith in His plans towards us rather than trying to control everything around us. What do you think?

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