The Unexpected Spiritual Exposure from a Cheese Drop

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You might be wondering about the title of this article and what it pertains to.

Today, I contacted a delivery service to buy some cheese for me to use in making sandwiches. I put the unopened cheese package in the fridge, planning to use it tomorrow. Later, when I went to the fridge to get something else, the cheese package fell to the floor because my sister had already opened it. I didn’t expect the cheese to be consumed today, nor did I expect it to fall onto the dirty kitchen floor and be ruined.

I was angry!

In my perfectly natural and justified anger, I found myself shifting towards wrath. Pay close attention here as I explain how to discern the spirit realm. Let’s call it “The Spirit Realm Made Simple!” As I mentioned, I moved from human anger to wrath, and it was a subtle, smooth transition. If you aren’t sensitive to the Holy Spirit, the ways of the spirit realm, and the devices of our adversary, the devil, you might not even notice this shift. In my wrathful state, I began imagining all sorts of accusatory scenarios against the goodness of the Lord. I thought things like, “Lord, you know I prefer living alone, but you’re keeping me here with my mom and sister,” and made inner vows like, “I will never get married. I hate living with people who steal my peace and interrupt my quiet time.” These thoughts escalated to even considering quitting the ministry, which felt like a threat to God.

I asked myself, “What is this all about?” and then I asked the Holy Spirit. It was odd to be overwhelmed with such wicked and ugly thoughts. I told the Holy Spirit, “This isn’t me. It’s a privilege to serve you and your people.” I realized these thoughts were likely familiar spirits using my mind to create these negative thoughts and make me believe they were mine. I was relieved, thank God.

Here’s what happened: earlier in the day, the Holy Spirit had elevated me to new and deeper levels of power in words of knowledge and the prophetic, and I was excited about it. The devil, who spies on us—especially those in ministry—targeted me because this new level threatens him by making Jesus more real to people through my ministry. He saw me ordering cheese, possibly inspired my sister to open the package, and positioned it so that it would fall when I opened the fridge. The devil was watching my every move. When the cheese fell, my anger was a natural response. But then the devil overlapped those emotions with demonic wrath, making the transition so smooth that I didn’t notice. His schemes don’t always involve big falls after grand events; sometimes, it’s the small things that ruin the garden. Catch those little foxes!

How do you discern the spirit realm at work within you? Your mind is the battlefield. Pay attention! It’s like giving yourself an out-of-body experience to observe and process what’s happening without emotional involvement. I stopped and asked the Holy Spirit why I was in a rage instead of just angry. Why was I having such accusatory thoughts against the Lord’s goodness? Usually, you can expose the devil when your thoughts suddenly rise to accuse Jesus in a surprising, impulsive way. Or if you have nagging urges to do something terrible, like hurting someone, attempting suicide, or watching pornography, know that a demonic influence is active.

Familiar spirits can take people out and make them do their wicked will. How often have you adopted sick identities because familiar thoughts tormented you until you believed them? How many TikTokers have done dark things online because the devil kept telling them to in their thoughts, feelings, and imagination until they believed it was them?

Not every thought or feeling that comes to you is yours.

How many times have you felt depressed, oppressed, or possessed and started medicating while God was calling you to intercession, not depression? Many intercessors become mentally ill because they can’t figure out that what they are sensing isn’t theirs.

The cheese wasn’t wicked 🙂 but it caught the demonic rats today!

You won’t make it in life or your daily activities if you don’t grow in discernment. The spiritual realm can overwhelm you.

It’s time to learn the ways of God, man, and the devil. Stop just playing church, enjoying worship, and listening to sermonettes, and go home.

God bless you
Tony Francis

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