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Online Ministry by Email or WhatsApp With Tony Francis

Hey, I’m glad you reached this page. My name is Tony Francis, I love the prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit and it is a gift that I have been active in for years and years. I prophesied to hundreds, and thousands of people locally and around the world. I am not a respecter of man, I serve everyone but God has anointed me specifically to pray and prophesy to celebrities, influential people, political people, and on, this is what I am seasoned in! I also activate and mentor believers and churches in the prophetic. It is awesome!

I would love to serve you with the prophetic word of the Lord which is more than a revelation knowledge but a real substance and release of authority that alters destinies. The world is framed by the word of God! (Hebrews 11:3)

I am excited to position myself to pray and prophesy for you. I know you will never be the same in Jesus’ name.

I want you to know that you are NOT paying to receive a word. God’s word is FREE! The free-will offering of any amount you desire to sow (a fixed minimum) helps support my ministry, filters the number of people requesting this service, and covers the cost of the means I use to get to you. (Internet and other bills). When you buy a bible, you don’t demand it to be free just because it is the word of God. God’s word by itself is free indeed but that bible costs print, cover, electricity, employees, and other expenses. Also, each format is different, an online ministry is different than an on-site one. When I minister on-site, money is never in the equation.

The time of delivery depends on what you choose. I promise you a quick response but please consider that I am also having others on the list and I need to take some time to pray! Let’s trust God that you will get the prophetic word at the right time.

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