Prophetic Word for the month of SEPTEMBER/ELUL 2022

Father, we praise your holy name and thank you for the month of September/Elul 2022. It is your will for us to know and discern the times and seasons because we are the children of light who lead and serve others. Light is the leader and those who understand your will are filled with your light!

I sense the Lord is going to move in the political realm and on politicians in the month of September. I am reminded of this story in the bible when God didn’t let the king sleep all night (Esther 6) and in the end, the king turned the table on Haman the wicked who got punished.

Not only did the Lord awaken the king but he brought Haman the wicked to his presence. God orchestrated all the details to bless the “forgotten” righteous (Mordecai) and punish the loud ever-present wicked (Haman). God is about to execute some judgment in the month of September. It is a very bad month for the wicked who are assaulting God’s people and planning to kill them.

The Church of Jesus Christ will breathe more freedom when the enemies are judged.

The kings will be awakened by the righteous King of kings and Lord of lords. This is irreversible!

God causes the kings of the earth to serve and bless the bride of Christ. We are stepping into recognizable blessings for the righteous and damnation for the oppressors in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

Tony Francis

I sense many of you will need divine favor with your government. Feel free to sow your monthly financial offering below in the work of the Kingdom and believe that God will bless your seed and shower you with favor with your government, politicians, and the laws. A seed is what connects you to a ground, and Healed Nations is a fertile ground that is believing for you and agreeing in Jesus’ name. 

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