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As many of you know by now that seeing in the spirit is one of God’s ways to help us renew our minds, give us direction, and connect to the reality of spiritual substances and beings. The devil uses God’s ways too in order for him to be effective in spiritual warfare! That’s why your mind is the battlefield and the battleground for both realms, the Kingdom of Light and the kingdom of darkness. God wants to wage war too with your way of thinking and how you see things in the eyes of implanted doctrines in you. God wants you to be conformed into the image of his glorious Son Jesus Christ and the enemy wants you to be like him. Your identity is at war!

“But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate[a] the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” 2 Corinthians 3:15-17

That’s why the word of God commands us to TAKE CAPTIVE EVERY THOUGHT TO THE OBEDIENCE OF CHRIST, wow every thought man, that’s lots of work. Yes, it may be lots of work but because it is critical and dangerous we need to stay alert. Why? Because if you allow the thief to just come in for one time only, you will regret your whole life later. One moment of apathy can cause you a lifetime of sorrow and regret. That’s why not everyone will be a hero of faith because not everyone wants to live the life of heroes. What if David the shepherd spared the bear and the lion once? NO MORE FLOCK, end of his business. Take captive every thought for God’s sake because what you will tolerate, you are sleeping with and you will bear its fruits, good or bad.

Seeing visions in your mind is so powerful, God knows that and so does the enemy. Man’s fall started by seeing and meditating on the wrong vision. Eve SAW that the fruit of the forbidden tree was so delicious and appealing. Job made a covenant with his eyes not to fornicate in his mind with a virgin by looking at her and lusting over her. Visions are a gateway of access for life or death, for light or darkness, for blessing or curse. You choose, I choose, we choose!

Seeing visions can be a detailed topic and can cover many categories. I only want to target in this devotion the powerful tool of inner visions that I call the scenarios of the mind and how to master those and subdue them for the glory of the Lord. I want you to be seasoned in this, be aware of it, and learn the ways of the Spirit. Your life is about to change right now!

I opened up to the concept of the importance of inner scenarios through this experience and that many of them happen because of a spiritual trigger in the spiritual realm.

One day after a Church meeting, my brother in the Lord and I decided to go visit another brother to have lunch with him and spend the day at his place. That brother we were going to visit that day was always welcoming and we never heard him say no to us, always welcoming. My friend was driving the car heading to that place and I was sitting next to him and on that day I was wearing an earring. As soon as we were close to his place, my mind drifted to a mind scenario for seconds, some call it daydreaming. I saw this man we were going to visit that day looking at me and rejecting me and saying you’re not welcome here because you are wearing an earring, that was it! I felt that this played scenario in my mind meant something but didn’t know what was it all about, plus it was my first encounter with this understanding. I didn’t tell my driving friend anything but in less than a minute, my friend’s phone rang and it was the man calling him and rejecting our visit last minute. No!!! We were almost there. So we head back to our homes!

Let me unpack to you what happened here and I know your own scenarios will start making sense from now on. In that daydream, my spirit man was picking from the Holy Spirit a prophetic revelation for something to come which is the rejection of our visit. My weak mind and sometimes carnal was picking on truth in the spirit realm and translated this into my mind in the form of a scenario trying to tell me something. It was like a story but the main FOCUS AND HIGHLIGHT was “the man rejecting me” and of course, the earring in the scenario had nothing to do with it and that man didn’t see me wearing an earring plus he is not like that. So the focus in this scenario was on the feeling of rejection of the visit. It is important to always follow Holy Spirit in our spiritual encounters and sense the focus and the highlight whether in our visions, dreams, bible reading, etc! From that day on, I started watching and paying attention to my daydreams because many of those happen in my mind because there is a spiritual trigger behind them in the spirit realm from God or the devil, and myself. It is important not to make every daydream important but be sensitive and master it with the Lord because that will change your life. It is a very powerful tool when there is really something playing.

Now that you know about this, I want to teach you how to push forth your transformation by going back into the spirit realm, in your mind, with Holy Spirit and altering the scenarios played. In my case, that daydream was forth telling me that our visit will not occur that day, so the type of this daydream was forth-telling and I can do nothing about it, just pick up the revelation and reveal it maybe. Other scenarios are an invitation for you to be Christlike or a sinner and they happen a LOT, every day.

For example, if the devil played in your mind a scenario that you will be crippled with chronic pain and showed you yourself as a patient in a hospital, with a pale face, surrounded by doctors and suffering pain and hopelessness, of course, if you are mature enough you know this is not God’s will for you and you follow Holy Spirit on how to respond, capture the thought, reject and fight it. One of the ways of fighting back is PUSHING FORTH YOUR TRANSFORMATION by going back to that given sick scenario and MASTER it and changing it for your glory. This is binding the devil and plundering him. For instance, you can tell Holy Spirit, Lord let’s go back to that scenario and shift it for my benefit, change the curse to a blessing. Here you follow the Lord, wait on him, and allow the creativity of the Holy Spirit to shift this to your blessing. Without talking, gently SEE how Holy Spirit alters this scenario for you, the Lord may replace the scene with the enemy stricken in the bed of affliction instead of you and you are watching and mocking him, or you may see yourself in that same hospital room doing a check-up and you hear in this scenario the doctor telling you wow you have a vibrant health and he has never seen someone like you before.

Let the Holy Spirit turn what was meant for evil to be for your good. Push forth from your spirit man the glorious transformation you want to see, and be INTENTIONAL by adding faith to it. It is awesome to pray God’s promises, like “By his stripes, I am healed” but it is more powerful to SEE THE GOODNESS OF THE LORD IN THE LAND OF THE LIVING. See the promise, live the promise!

I pray this teaches you something today about the supernatural realm.

God bless you

Tony Francis

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