Prophetic Word for the month of APRIL/NISSAN 2022


As I was praying and positioning myself to hear from the Holy Spirit for this month of April/Nissan 2022 I sensed so strong that in this holy month we are consecrating ourselves afresh unto the Lord, the SEER realm and the VISIONARY anointing is playing grand.

You will be under the blessing of the SEEING Spirit of God but you need your faith to connect to it because the righteous lives by faith!

It will be a month where many will birth a heavy vision for the days, months, and years ahead! You will receive downloads in your spirit and you will feel the faith stirring strongly in you to take action and build towards that vision(s) because you are made for it or let me say it is made for you!

I decree you will have a pure heart and seeing because the pure in heart will see God. May the Spirit cleanse your eyes and visions to birth what is in the heart of God for you and your generation in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Tony Francis

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