Prophetic Word for the month of MAY/IYAR 2022

Welcome to May/Iyar 2022. As I positioned myself to hear from the Holy Spirit about his will and intentions, stored blessings and assignments for us in this month, this is what I feel sharing with you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ, who is the King over time and each month of the year. I want you to know that in Christ, time is your servant; it works for you now and not against you. Time is a blessing! God hides his blessings in time, feasts, and seasons, and it all points to him because, for lovers, an appointment is for dating and meeting. It is not about the appointment itself.

In May/Iyar, I sense God is about to give a mass deliverance from demonic oppression and attacks. Not just one or two or three but groups of people will be visited by the freeing presence of the Lord.

Many will be delivered from the oppression of the spirit of witchcraft and control. You will even feel free from worldly systems! Halleluiah.

The world’s system is to serve you and not to put you in bondage and total dependence on it. God is your source and in him your ultimate trust. Many were afraid of leaving their jobs even though Holy Spirit blessed them to make this move and you will be graced and able to do it because you will be free from the controlling spirit of witchcraft that the systems invoked on you as it did on many by telling them through many ways, YOU CAN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT US. (LIARS)

Receive this amazing freedom that the Lord Jesus Christ is releasing, attract it by faith, embrace it, and thank him for it!

You are made for divine freedom and everything that is lesser is not your portion and is a low life.

In this month of May/Iyar 2022, you are BLESSED with FREEDOM in Jesus’ mighty name.

Tony Francis

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A couple of days ago, we had an amazing 2 hours and 20 minutes prophetic Zoom call where I shared with many about the secrets of time, my experience with God’s calendar, the word of the Lord in the month of May 2022 about the world events, Q&A, prophetic words to those who have their birthday in May and activation at the end on how to hear from the Holy Spirit for this month. It was awesome and powerful and I give Jesus all the glory. You can get to watch the replay here by video or audio:


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