Passover Prophetic Word 2022

It was on my heart today to press in for the word of the Lord on this holy Passover. God is holy, his feasts are holy and his voice is holy and I believe God parties with his people on his feasts and he shows himself strong and clear and speaks to them! What an honor as we position ourselves to hear now the words of the Holy Spirit for this Passover 2022!

I see the gathering of eagles and they are flying in a circle in the sky and I saw on their beaks what looks like honey. Eagles represent the prophetic church of God and the honey is on the mouth of each eagle in this vision. God is asking you to SPEAK his sweetness and goodness in this high moment of glory you are in this Passover! I know you can decree his sweetness and goodness anytime and every day but the Holy Spirit is highlighting the IMPORTANCE of aligning with this invitation and releasing your tongue with sweet words. And what is sweeter than God’s promises?

Bless the Lord today, let sweetness comes forth because the cross of Yeshua/Jesus and his holy blood has turned the bitter water into sweet water. Are you struggling with a bitter memory, today God wants you to shift this by your decrees under the holy remembrance of his Son’s blood! In Christ, you are no more bitter but BETTER!

Have a sweet Passover in Jesus’ mighty name. AMEN

Tony Francis
Author of Healed Nations


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