Prophetic Word for the month of JUNE/SIVAN 2022

Welcome to June/Sivan 2022. This is what I sense Holy Spirit saying to prepare us for this month we are entering in. We first need to remember according to the psalmist “my time is in your hand” which secures everything for us: peace, blessings, healing, prosperity, victory, etc. I decree and declare that you are stepping into another cycle of blessings, not because of the month itself but because you are in Christ. Yes, God sets a certain agenda for each month and season and you need to be aware of it, position yourself, connect by faith, receive and walk in it.

The month of June/Sivan is not a detached month; it is the next building block of what you have been building on in the month of May and before. I sense more weight of glory in the month of June. I see the glory portal open and I am looking into it now, omg! I wish I could photograph this vision for you! It is so rich, filled with wonderful things stored for you. I don’t believe you can download all of this richness in a single month but take whatever you see and whatever you can believe for. Beautiful!

I believe the Lord wants you to focus this month on his GLORY because this is what he wants to release for you. What is glory? It is the person of Yeshua/Jesus, his character, and his inheritance! Halleluiah.

I pray Holy Spirit touches your faith right now and helps you connect to the glory of God. I feel like crying, I am overwhelmed. Oh, the weight of his glory! Jesus loves you and he can’t wait to lavish you this month with his glory in every area.

Focus on his glory and “faith it” and glory is what you will walk in. Jesus is your glory and head lifter! Look up.

Tony Francis

I believe as you sow financially this month of June your ground will breakthrough. I saw it cracking! Feel free to sow any amount desired or led by the Holy Spirit. Please do it by faith! As Paul said, my intention is for you to be blessed as you give. I agree with your seed in Jesus’ name. Amen

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