Ruth Ward Heflin: Glory // Experiencing the Atmosphere of Heaven Free Audiobook

Creator: Tony Francis

Type: Audiobook

Price: Free Streaming

What is the Glory? It is the realm of eternity. It is the revelation of the presence of God. He is Glory! As air is to the atmosphere of the Earth, so glory is the atmosphere of Heaven. Praise…until the spirit of worship comes. Worship…until the glory comes. Then…stand in the glory.

If you can capture the basic principles of Praise, Worship, and Glory which are outlined in this audiobook, so simple that we miss them, you can have anything else you want in God.

  • Introduction
  • 01- Praise as an Instrument of Harvest
  • 02- Praise as Celebration
  • 03- Praise as Warfare
  • 04- Praise as Ascent
  • 05- Worship the Natural Progression of Praise
  • 06- Worshiping the King Majesty
  • 07- Worshiping the Beloved Intimacy
  • 08- The Glory Realm
  • 09- The Glory Brings an Ease
  • 10- The Glory Brings Revelation
  • 11- The Glory Brings a Knowing
  • 12- The Glory Brings Perspective
  • 13- Postscript to the Fifth Printing

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