What is Holy Spirit saying this Pentecost 2022?

As I positioned myself in prayer to hear what is Holy Spirit saying today on Pentecost/Shavuot 2022, this is what I feel sharing with you in the name of Jesus. (Forward this to your church please)

Churches will never be the same after this day, I am pouring out hunger for my presence again like never before. My presence is with you but it manifests when you cry out for it, when you want me so bad. Didn’t Jesus want you so bad? Didn’t Jesus go through all the love challenges to be in a relationship with you? You will find me if you seek me from ALL your heart.

I am setting intercessors, mighty ones, who will lead the way, and have one focus only, my presence, releasing the cry of Moses; we want to see your glory!

I will honor those intercessors that I am going to cry through them! Interested in joining your church prayer team?

If you are a church leader or a pastor, know that it is so wise right now to invest in your intercessory team because the presence of God is carried by priests. Bless your intercessors, empower them, organize them and unleash them with your blessing and see your church being restored/excel to glory and power encounters. Manifestations of Yahweh! God longs for it.

Draw God with your hunger expressed in prayers, intensive prayers! Again, I remind you, you are not bringing God to the scene he is already with you. You are laboring to bring his manifest presence.

Be intentional in your prayers with this one focus and I will honor you and bless the community. Remember Moses, he lead millions, and because he knew how to enter consistently in prayer in the tent and met me there THAT a whole nation lived under an open heaven. Remember Elijah, he brought my rain to a whole nation. Do not say we are small or little, or not numbered. You just need two to agree in prayer.

I see Holy Spirit at the door of the church, he is that close.

Happy Powerful Pentecost

Tony Francis

I am believing this Pentecost for the salvation of your family. If you want to sow your seed for this blessing, do it by faith. You are not buying your family’s salvation, you are just sowing and connecting to a ground that is BELIEVING for your family’s salvation. A seed connects you to the ground.

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