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Ask Holy Spirit WhatsApp Group For Prophetic Activations

Creative prophetic activations based on God’s infallible word 🔥❤️

I am passionate about the prophetic ministry of the Holy Spirit, and I have been actively involved in it for many years. I have prophesied to hundreds and thousands of people locally and worldwide, including celebrities, influential people, and politicians. I am also seasoned in activating and mentoring believers and churches in the prophetic. I had the honor of serving as the prophetic leader of Apostle Patricia King’s web church.

I launched the “Ask Holy Spirit” WhatsApp group years ago because it is my heart to gather spirit-filled Christians in one online place to activate them in the prophetic. Today and after many years I stand thankful before the Holy Spirit for the fruitfulness and the growth many attained in my group (including myself). They are believers from all around the world! Many started as beginners and today they are seasoned in the prophetic and I consider many of them now as trusted voices. I give all the glory to Jesus! Those who practice and interact GROW (Hebrews 5:14) and those who just join are so blessed because they keep receiving prophetic encouragement whenever they claim a word. I encourage you to join not to receive encouragement only but to step in, position yourself before the Holy Spirit, hear from him, and prophesy for others. It is a safe place to be mentored in the supernatural. The seer anointing in the group is phenomenal.

We offer a wide range of creative prophetic activations, from prophetic words to dream interpretations, in both English and Arabic. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed!

Many people ask me about our prophetic activations, and I tell them that they are inspired by the Bible. Jesus himself used elements around him to prophesy to people and teach them about the Kingdom of God. For example, one day Jesus looked at the birds and the Holy Spirit gave him a now word for the people around him: “Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?” (Matthew 6) The activations in our WhatsApp group are not about the birds, the mountains, or the creative elements we use. They are about positioning ourselves to hear prophetic encouragements for each other from the Holy Spirit. And it works! Hallelujah!

I’m introducing a new initiative for this Whatsapp group. Originally, the membership fee was $10 per month, but my goal is to foster a larger and more spiritually vibrant community of believers dedicated to enhancing their prophetic abilities through a closer relationship with the Holy Spirit under my mentoring. With this in mind, I’ve decided to eliminate the fixed monthly membership fee. Now, you can join for a one-time fee of $25 (minimum), which serves as a filter to ensure that members are genuinely committed to this and to protect my community from scammers.

Once you’re a part of the group, you’ll have the flexibility to contribute any amount you feel inspired to give on a monthly basis or according to what you believe is appropriate for your continued participation. We’ll send you monthly reminders and provide you with the donation link. In the past, those who didn’t sow any monthly amount to let us know they wanted to continue in the program, we used to remove them respecting their choice but as of now, we will remove no one EVEN if they choose not to sow monthly for some reason as LONG as they show us continual passion to practice and grow in the prophetic. However should we see inactivity for a long time, we will proceed by removing those members.

My passion is to witness your personal growth, and being part of this community will truly be a life-changing experience as you connect with both novice and experienced prophetic believers who are deeply anointed and willing to take spiritual risks! Faith is spelled R.I.S.K!

After you checkout, you will get the link to access the WhatsApp link for Tony Francis’ private group “Ask Holy Spirit”.

You will never be the same in the prophetic!

Share this webpage link with your loved ones, community, and church to invite them to grow in the prophetic especially if you have witnessed your transformation with us and if possible leave your feedback/testimony about your experience with us in the comment section below.

Requirements to join the group: Born again and spirit-filled (baptism of the Holy Spirit)

This WhatsApp group is NOT to receive personal prophetic words, it is for you to grow in the prophetic by prophesying to each other. Rather If you just want a prophetic word, don’t join this WhatsApp group please, rather click here: Request Personal Prophetic Words

If you want a foretaste of this and you don’t want to commit monthly, you can try the “Ask Holy Spirit 101 Mini Activation & Mentoring” one-on-one private session on WhatsApp with Tony Francis by clicking here

After you checkout, you will get the link to access the private WhatsApp group.

If you are already a joined member we will communicate with you the monthly donation link on the WhatsApp group and by email if you wish to continue and this is for any monthly amount. Or you can do it by yourself here by clicking on the green button that says “Monthly Donation Link To Stay”