To be separated from Love

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When I think about High things, I think about:

  1. God – the Highest of high things
  2. Principalities  and Rulers of the Kingdom of Darkness

Principalities and dark spirituals forces are pulled down in the authority of the name Jesus. God can never be pulled down. If the authority and power lie in the name Yahweh, can He ever be cast out by His own name ?! Who is higher than High? Yet, He came off His throne to redeem mankind.

It’s one thing to be pulled down (against one’s will) but it’s another to use one’s will to submit to a livelihood of humility unto death for the sake of saving a treasured creation that came from dust.

Dust. We stopped being merely dust the moment he breathed life into us because, at that point, we became an extension of Himself; a God that can never die. If He can never die, then all the extensions of His spirit in mankind would return unto Himself. It is impossible to let mankind perish with his very spirit of eternal love, remaining in them. He could have taken His spirit away from man due to sin, but He chose to remain in us, in fellowship.  He chose love, and love always desires relationship and companionship. God desires to save all vessels who desire to house Him. We are so precious to Him that He promises an incorruptible and imperishable nature that will not allow separation from love; His very essence.  To allow one to reject Him in favor of their will, would mean HIM extricating Himself from them. Dividing body from soul and spirit. A death far worse than just the flesh

You cannot live without God for He is life itself.


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