Anger: Understanding Your Burning Bush

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That’s it, get good and angry! Get angry enough to set and stand for your boundaries.

Anger is a God given emotion that has both purpose and power. When you feel anger understand it is a signal meant to draw your attention to a problem. Your anger works in the same way that God used the burning bush to get Moses to tune in. The tendency is to mistake the signal that anger gives for the actual message. I confess, injustice makes me angry. If I focus on injustice I get angrier. However, that does nothing to address the problem.

It only offsets my emotional and spiritual balance and distorts my thinking. When I am angry I have to avoid rehearsing the problem. My feeling is the right response but it is not intended to be the focal point. It should be a catalyst that pushes me to seek resolution. Just like burning bush it should grab not consume my attention. Uncovering the message behind the attention grabber requires that I consider the problem in light of God’s power and promise. When I do that anger fulfills its purpose and I fulfill mine in the situation. It takes discipline to resist the urge to dwell on the injustice. Remember, there is no benefit to that approach. It actually keeps us from productively moving toward resolution. That truth alone is motivation to stay on track.

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