Death & Life according to God’s word

 By Joe Tannous

The bible teaches us that “death” is being away from God, it’s not when your body dies, it’s when your spirit dies. That’s why Jesus said to that man “let the dead bury their own dead, but you, come and follow me.” Well, see this with me: How can dead people bury dead people? This can’t happen. What Jesus was saying is that a dead person is not according to the worldly system, the one who can’t breathe anymore. For Him, a dead person is the one who is away from Him, the one who does not have a real relationship with Him. God has created you to fellowship with you, to spend time with you, to hear you, to speak to your life, to show you how much you mean to Him & the list continues. 

You cannot declare “oh yeah I know God”, while you are not having a read relationship with Him. If you love someone, all that you want is to spend time with him/her. The same is with God, He is standing on your door, at your heart, knocking until you hear & when you do hear Him knocking, please do not reject Him, open the door for Him. He wants to build that relationship with you, an everlasting one, do not reject His voice today, your life is so precious to Him, but you will not find that anywhere else except in Him, anything else seem to be life but in fact it leads to death over death, but in Jesus and yes in Jesus, this relationship between You & Him will lead you to recognize life over life over life… because He is the life. Amen 

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