It’s Impossible For Me To Get Sick

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In Christ Jesus, you are loaded with benefits! Sometimes we can’t fathom how much God loves us in his only begotten Son Jesus, who sent him to sacrifice and die for our sins, redeem us, and make us sons and daughters of glory. “In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, it was fitting that God, for whom and through whom everything exists, should make the pioneer of their salvation perfect through what he suffered.” Hebrews 2:10

Jesus didn’t die only for you but SUFFERED to make you a son and daughter of glory, a brand new creation! A creation that didn’t exist before was made available to us in Christ as we receive him in our hearts by faith. When you get a new car that you like so much and costs you, sometimes everything, you rush excitedly to discover all its features and benefit from what is made available to you in this technology. You read the manual, ask the company of origin, Google it, etc… You just want to know everything about your new car and brag in the presence of your friends when they show up for a ride.

Your new creation in Christ, your spirit man, is a new technology loaded with benefits. When the enemy can’t keep you from receiving salvation, the very next assignment after you become born again is to block revelation knowledge against the GOD KIND OF LIFE that’s in you now that became your identity. But if you are hungry and diligent to pray and study the word sincerely, ask the company of origin, Google the Holy Spirit, etc. you will journey into discovering the unique powerful new creation that you are now in the Lord! Halleluiah.

The benefits are a lot but the Holy Spirit wants to cover just one powerful benefit to you here that’s wonderful that I consider a fresh revelation to me. Sometimes we can’t take it all in and Jesus said that the Holy Spirit will keep revealing the truth about God and our inheritance. It is a life of progressing in the light of revelation season after another. When I came to the Lord years and years ago, I started renewing my mind with the word of God and getting to know his nature that sickness is not from God and that Jesus is our healer and when we get sick he is our source and all those wonderful revelations. Many are still struggling with the basics of that but God is your helper and will shift you to truth, don’t give up! I am not in that place anymore where I question if it is God’s will to heal or not, even when we have questions that don’t seem to have an answer. I am anchored in the word of God, I decided that his word doesn’t change no matter what, and I won’t lower the word of God to catch up with my experience or people’s experiences, I let my experience catch up with the word of God.

How many individuals and denominations came up with a wrong theology that God doesn’t heal anymore just because they tried believing for it and didn’t manifest? If you want to live in a constant place and position of victory, never change the word of God and his nature just because you are disappointed or don’t understand it. We know God’s perfect will in Jesus Christ and Jesus healed everyone who came to him, period. It is God’s will to heal, and God uses anything to usher his manifestations of healing in for you, his word, angels, doctors, diet, etc. But at the end of the day, it is his will to see you healed. He is your source in all cases!

I am anchored and so convinced in what I am sharing with you here, nothing can change my mind about that, no man or devil on earth! I even went through a long season of sickness and never questioned his will to heal and I am standing in healing today. So all this is not strange to me, what is incredible and what is freshly NEW to me is God’s will for me not to get sick from the beginning! Nobody told me that before until recently.

We are taught that you have a healer when you get sick, but nobody unpacked the scriptures to us in a proper way that in Christ you are dead to sin and dead to sickness. I am seeing those scriptures now in a fresh new way where the apostle Paul and others command us to CONSIDER ourselves dead to sin and to sickness. They don’t tell you to receive healing, they tell you to consider yourself dead to sin and sickness with Christ and ALIVE unto God. When you connect to that reality by faith, you start experiencing the substance of it just as when you believed and received your salvation. The new creation package and its loaded benefits are activated by REVELATION & CONSIDERING.

Now that I see clearly that in Christ I am redeemed and free from the curse of sin which is death in all expressions including sickness, I’ve decided to consider myself dead to sin and to sickness. In other words, what the Holy Spirit is trying to convey to you is that it is not just his will for you to get healed when you get sick, he wants you to live as “The Healed of the Lord” without knowing sickness anymore, starting of this day and THAT happens by just considering you are dead to sin and to sickness and alive to RIGHTEOUSNESS & HEALING.

I recently watched a precious preacher named Andrew Wommack who was teaching about healing in an amazing way and unpacking scripture for us. He said this statement that he had been saying for himself for 50 years and he got sick only twice just because of stupidity for not sleeping for many days because he was ministering, the statement was this: “I don’t believe in sickness and I won’t get sick and you can’t make me throw up”. He lived and is living by this for years and is seeing the power of it and that was crazy awesome to me. It was so stretching to me but I witnessed the truth deep in my core.

I am dead to sin and to sickness therefore I won’t get sick! Cheers. Would you challenge yourself today by the Holy Spirit and start embracing this tremendous truth and inheritance you have in Christ Jesus?

God bless you

Tony Francis

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