4 Keys to Healing the Sick

By Dr. Stuart Pattico

The supernatural is to be normal in the believer’s life.  We are to be hearing God’s voice, receiving prophetic revelation, and doing wonders through the Holy Spirit’s power.  Jesus said that we would “lay hands on the sick, and they will recover” (Mark 16:17-18). So how can we begin to operate in this healing power?  Well, let’s look at four keys that I share when teaching others to move in this area:


1. Depend on the power of the Holy Spirit

It’s easy to think that Jesus was able to heal the sick because He was God.  Whilst He always remained 100% God, He also became 100% Man, and all the miracles that He did, He did as a Man dependent on the power of the Holy Spirit.  That’s why He said: “the Son can do nothing of Himself” (John 5:19).  Jesus didn’t heal anyone in His own power; He depended on the Holy Spirit.

The good news is that the power of the Holy Spirit is available to you too! (Acts 1:8).  So right now, put out your hands and say “Holy Spirit, release Your healing anointing on me!”

Typically, when ministering to the sick, I ask the Holy Spirit to come upon the sick area.  After all, He is the Healer.  I simply say, “Holy Spirit, come on this area…”.

2. Realise that God loves people and wants them to be well

Have you noticed that Jesus never refused to heal anyone?  Jesus healed everyone who came to Him.  Acts 10:38 explicitly states that He went about “healing all who were oppressed by the devil”.  Why did He do this?  Well, He knew that God loves people and wants them to be well.  Imagine that someone you love wasn’t well and you had the power to instantly cure him or her.  Wouldn’t you heal them?  Of course you would. You would do that simply because you love them.  Well, God is Perfect Love (1 John 4:16), and He heals people because He loves them!  When you minister to the sick, know that you are ministering God’s perfect love to people and never doubt that He wants that person to be well!

3. Realise that sickness and disease can hear you

On one occasion, Jesus was hungry.  He went to a fig tree hoping to find some fruit but found none. He said to it: “Let no fruit grow on you ever again”, and the fig tree immediately withered away (Matthew 21:18-19).  Now, what was Jesus doing speaking to a tree?  The answer is simple: He knew that it could hear Him!  Again, it is easy to think that the tree could hear Him because He was the Son of God.  But Jesus then said to His disciples:

“Assuredly, I say to you, if you have faith and do not doubt, you will not only do what was done to the fig tree, but also if you say to this mountain, ‘Be removed and be cast into the sea,’ it will be done.” (Matthew 21:21)

Wow!  We can do exactly what Jesus did to the fig tree.  We can speak to things and they will obey us.  It’s important to realise that sickness and disease can hear us when we speak to it.  We can command it “out” and it must leave.  It can hear us!  Be bold, and say to the sickness “Out! In Jesus name!”

Whilst it’s not wrong to ask God to do something, often people beg God to heal someone, when God wants them to realise that they can command the sickness to leave.  However, it’s important that when we speak to sickness we do so with faith, believing that what we are saying is happening (Mark 11:23).

4. Realise that God wants people to participate in their healing

There was a man who had a withered hand.  Jesus said to him, “Stretch out your hand” and he was healed (Matthew 12:13).  Notice that Jesus told the man to do something – “stretch out your hand”.

God wants people to participate in their healing.  When I minister to the sick, if they have a measurable symptom, after commanding the sickness “Out! In Jesus name”, I immediately get them to test their condition.  Because I have said it in faith, I fully expect them to say, “the pain has gone!”

Their participation also means that he or she has faith (Matthew 9:22, 29).  So encourage them to agree with you that they will be healed right there and then.  But don’t make people feel bad if they lack faith, instead encourage them

Brining it all together, here is one way that you may wish to minister to the sick.  It’s not about a formula; people have different approaches.  What matters is the result. But here’s an approach you may wish to use:

  1. Stimulate their faith by asking what they believe will happen when you minister to them. Encourage them to agree with you that they will be healed.
  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to come on the affected area.  If appropriate, with their permission, lay hands on that area.  Do not lay hands on that area if it is not appropriate to do so, or if they do not wish you to.
  1. Speak to that area and say to the sickness / pain, “Out! In Jesus’ name”, believing that what you are saying is happening there and then.
  1. Get the person to immediately test their conditions and watch what Jesus does… I believe He will amaze you!

For a full video-teaching on healing the sick, visit http://www.stuartpattico.com/bible-school-healing-the-sick.html .

Dr. Stuart Pattico is a speaker and the author of various books including Praying with Power, End Times: Are You Prepared, The Anointing, You Can Prophesy, and Interpret Your Dreams. Visit www.stuartpattico.com for videos, his free online Bible schoolarticlesbooks and further information.

DISCLAIMER: this article is not intended to replace the advice of a medical professional.  Always consult your GP before stopping any medication.

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