Becoming Doves 🕊

God is soo good in the bad times and in the good!!

The story goes such that a great flood came upon the earth, people were completely wicked to the extent that they didn’t know the difference between man and alien, in other words, the two became one. They were engrossed in demonic rituals and unruly worship of entities that fell from heaven !!

God in His mercy wanted to save mankind, which had pure DNA!! Hence He selected Noah and Noah’s family who were the remnant of all mankind!! God was good to protect His own creation from the grips of satan.

Deception is very subtle, it seeps in inch by inch like a murderer who ropes in his victims. No one knows who the culprit is until the mystery is unlocked!!

Yeshua said you need to be wise like serpents & harmless as doves!! He will train us, but you need to be willing to learn from His footsteps!!

Sit at the feet of Yeshua, & when He reveals the mysteries of heaven; every deception will come to light!! Seek God & He will bestow abundance of His goodness!!

Become a dove



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