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When you want to see something in the natural, you turn your eyes to it, look at it and you see it. You understand what you saw when your brain processes it. Seeing is an understanding! Now in the spiritual, you see something not necessarily by looking at it but by turning your spirit toward it, by thinking about it, and by giving it your awareness.

Faith is the processor of what you look at in the spirit as the brain is the processor for your earthly eyes.

โ€œBy faith we understand that the universe was created by the word of God, so that what is seen did not come from anything visible. Hebrews 11:3โ€

So in the spirit, you see something by turning your thoughts and awareness to it by faith but itโ€™s the Holy Spirit who breathes life and SHOWS things to come. For example, right now you can do this activation, do you want to see into your future? By faith, turn your thoughts and awareness to this direction and look, wait to get understanding and revelation from Holy Spirit.

You can look by faith at anything, just anything!

What area do you need to look at in the spirit? YOU CAN SEE. And at the end, the greatest thing to look at is Jesus, the glory of God himself. You can see him, you can know him and you can interact with him. You can see your children in the spirit, itโ€™s not spying, donโ€™t be afraid because God will only show you what is allowed for you to see and know. Happy Seeing!

I will end by asking you how did prophet Elisha saw his servant Gehazi from a distance when he met Naaman the Assyrian to take stuff from him in private? Elisha told him โ€œmy heart was with youโ€! 2 Kings 5

Tony Francis

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