I Met Her In Traffic

I have been struggling a lot with the issue of relationships. Can you witness this with me? If so, continue reading this message to enjoy the good nuggets inside.

It started with a beautiful sunny morning, when I woke up energized, spent time with God, and dressed the best of my closet! I dress to impress me first not others. I am my first audience!

I ran to my car because as usual, I was a bit late to my work, I started the engine, put some rhythmic music, wore an attractive perfume with a generous smile! It was not on my focus list that day to meet or greet anyone. All I wanted was to reach my work, sneak into my place, turn on my computer and start working without announcing loudly my presence to my boss, if possible! (Danger: Don’t try this at home lol)

I was close enough to my work, almost there, excited that I skipped some cars and saved some minutes when I suddenly entered a shortcut loaded with a long queue of cars. What’s going on? I said in frustration. I saw an officer coming toward handed me a violation ticket. Little did I know that I entered a wrong opposite shortcut and I broke the rules. I was not the only one guilty of ignorance. Many were in the opposite direction in that queue, whether by ignorance or on purpose, God knows! Bottom line, I caused traffic, I paid the penalty, I burned my time and others and surely I delayed my arrival. Thank God, things could have gone worse; I could have made an accident that caused my death! But I was given another chance to reconsider, to pay attention and to walk carefully.

You may be experiencing the same thing right now in your spiritual walk with God. You could be in the wrong direction of his will, trying some quick shortcuts and many of them are illegal in the spirit. There are always consequences for opposing God’s perfect will for your life. Let him adjust your ways, repent, pray and walk closely with him, ain’t a joke at all! Don’t miss your destiny in God.

That day, I met God’s mercy in the traffic, I was given a new chance to adjust my course of life on all levels. Today I fear and I tremble if I sense a slight shift in my directions from God’s perfect will for my life. Lord, have your ways in me!

Tony Francis
Glory to God

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