The Language of Honor

“Would you pass me this cup of water please?” You can have the honor of serving someone in small things like passing a cup of water or in big things like going to the kitchen to pour it out and serve it with gladness in case there was none ready at the table! The greatness of your honor shows the greatness of your character, God Almighty showed you a big honor not by serving you a small cup of water but rather by giving all he is and all he has, rivers of living waters, through the sacrifice of his only begotten Son Jesus Christ on the cross.

When you invite a guest you honor greatly to your house, you show him honor by serving the best and the most expensive banquet you can set before him, honor costs! When God invited you to his royal banquet table he didn’t find what is more valuable to serve you than his own precious lamb to eat of his flesh and to drink of his blood. God’s honor for us, who are made of dirt, is extravagant; it is according to the greatness of his love for us. How much more should we honor him by living for him a life worthy to praise his holy name and by honoring greatly what he honors: People! Honor is the highest form of love expressed and when you are filled with God’s kind of Love you can start talking his language!

Glory to God
Tony Francis

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