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Dream Interpretation 101

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God is all about communicating with you. Our value is found in His communication with us! Can you imagine the God of the universe, your creator, and your heavenly Father in Christ lowering Himself to speak to us in languages that bring life to us and more bonding with Him? Wow, this whets my appetite and ignites passion in me to position myself to hear Him daily. This phrase “God spoke to me” will never be familiar and lifeless to me! I will always be excited about my encounters with Him, cherish and steward them, and I pray the same for you!

If you are a Christian and part of this amazing, thrilling spiritual journey and walk with the Lord, you should know by now that God speaks to you in different ways, and dreams are one of His common ways! Why does God speak to us in our dreams? I don’t know. It could be because He adores intimacy, quiet time with us when we are not bombarded by life’s distractions. I love all of His communicational expressions with me because it is about Him and not the means itself He uses to speak to me through. Years ago, I was awakened to the avenue of dreams and was excited to learn how to unlock His love messages for me that He codes them in my own personal and unique language. So, I read the book, prayed for His visitations in my dreams, and got bunches of them (I am not a daily dreamer though), and they were awesome.

I believe the Lord wants to speak to you in your dreams, and He wants you to know what He is speaking to you about. Prophet Daniel understood this once and for all. It is God who gives the dream, and it is God who gives the interpretation of the dream. Yes, we can use Christian books, and ask others to help interpret for us, but it is HIM who reveals it. I found it sometimes weird when believers run to ask others to interpret their dreams without first praying about it and trying to get the meaning from this intimate God who longs for a relationship with them. God knows you better than anyone else! Honor Him by going to Him first to have Him clarify the meaning of your dreams (of course, not every dream is from Him, and I will tell you more about it).

Many say to me that they try to do this sincerely and wholeheartedly and go to the Lord first, but they don’t feel they understand the meaning. Try more, and spend a longer time with Him. Maybe He wants to draw you closer to Him first because it is about Him before anything else. Even though you may feel blank, at least you honored Him, bonded with Him, gave Him a thrill of closeness, and pleased Him with your faith. Many times, I prayed about certain dreams I received myself and felt blank, but it felt so good that I communed with God and thanked Him for His visitations. And when I feel frustrated for not receiving the interpretation, I end my session by saying to the Lord, “I am not aware of the meaning yet, but I receive the meaning by faith.” Then my understanding catches up sooner or later.

I will not share with you the categories of dreams. You can learn more from experts like John Paul Jackson and others, but I will tell you one thing for sure. You may have a healing dream, deliverance dream, prophetic dream, futuristic dream, intercessory dream, etc. I want to focus on the steps of how you interpret your dreams and sometimes others. Are you excited? I learned those steps by myself, and they work for me. You may have a different recipe, and that’s okay!

When receiving a dream:

1- Ask the Lord, “Is this dream from you or not?” Discerning the spirits is important, and recognizing the source is a must. Even if your dream was from your soul or the demonic realm, God may have a say about that if you ask him. But usually, I focus on clarifying if a dream is from God or not, as it is not worth spending my time digging deeper otherwise.

2- When God confirms to me that it is a divine dream, I then ask him if this dream is a message for me or those I saw. Most of the time, those dreams will be about you, but some of them are not, and clarifying the audience at this point is important before getting the interpretation. Even when the Lord tells me this dream is about me and for me, I partner with him creatively and tell him, “Awesome, I will get what you are saying to me, BUT Lord, can I also receive a word from this dream to those people you used in my dream?” Sometimes the Lord likes this and responds in my direction. It is a double win because I love serving others.

3- When I know this dream is about me, I tell the Lord my dream. It is a way of remembering it out loud and processing it with him. Dreams can be confusing sometimes, and many get distracted by the accessories around the dream and lose the real message. Why? Because sometimes people focus on getting a meaning for every single thing, and they could have meanings, but sometimes they don’t. Do you remember the parable of the man who sold everything he had just to purchase the PEARL in a land filled with dirt, snakes, and scorpions? Focus on the pearl in your dream while being aware of the things around it, no problem! This should be your focus: to find Jesus when you are walking on the water. Having said that, I begin to follow the Holy Spirit to allow him to highlight to me the focus of my dream.

4- After that, I receive the meaning of it most of the time and ask the Lord to clarify how to receive this dream in my understanding because remember, your spirit already hosted it, and now you are catching up with your understanding to be fruitful and aware of invisible things. I may ask the Lord, “Do I pray about it? Or just receive it simply? Maybe ask intercessors to pray for me in this direction?” Don’t just get the meaning of your dream; ask the Holy Spirit what to do with it because you want the fullness in your session with him and his visitation to you. (RIA: Revelation, Interpretation & Activation)

I pray these keys help some of you unlock your dream life in Jesus’ name. Remember, it is about the Lord and being intimate with him! If you have frequent dreams you want to interpret in a prophetic community, pray about joining my private WhatsApp group. Click here to learn more! God bless you. Also, you can check the separate “Dream Interpretation” ministry available if you don’t want to join the WhatsApp group. Click here to learn more and submit your dream today.

Glory to God

Tony Francis

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