Activating Abundance Now Through This Creative Technique – “Finances”

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If you’ve spent time around me and the ministry, you’re likely aware that I’m a man of activation. I enjoy empowering others to realize their God-given potential, particularly in the prophetic realm. I’ve always been a practical believer in my walk with the Lord. I seek to understand spiritual concepts and experience my inheritance in Christ in practical, tangible ways. God delights in us when we embrace what His only begotten Son sacrificed for.

One of the activation techniques I’ve adopted is what I call “My Abundance Journal.” I select a blessing topic and creatively write about it. I’ll share my process and encourage you to engage in it during your private time. Essentially, this journaling exercise involves journeying with the Holy Spirit to amplify your blessings in your imagination, stretching your mindset to its maximum capacity, much like physical exercise builds muscles. The excerpt you’re about to read touches on one of the many topics I’ve explored: financial blessings.

God is boundless! We’re born into a culture of limitations, scarcity, and poverty mentality. Your feet won’t take you where your mind hasn’t already visited before.

In this activation, the key is to break down mental barriers and expand your beliefs through creative writing and imagination. While it might be challenging for some, it promises great blessings. Understand that this creative writing exercise is meant to stretch your mindset and perspective; it’s not necessarily a prophecy that will come to pass. Approach it with a spirit of enjoyment and fun, and remember, as much as you exaggerate, you’ll never surpass God’s abundance and goodness for us. We may fall short, but we can still attempt to scratch the surface! Stretching your borders, start by stretching your mindset and belief system, let’s activate…

Crazy Wealth Overnight:

Before my father died, he summoned us in his presence to reveal his last will and tell us what he was leaving for us as heritage and inheritance. He sat with each member of my family alone, and then it was my turn. I felt a mix of excitement and sadness; my dad was my greatest inheritance, but I knew he couldn’t stay here anymore. His inheritance would mean so much to me because it reminded me of him—an extension of his love and a reminder that he entrusted me with it all.

He sat behind his office desk as I entered his all-black leathered room. His smile held so much love and hope, and I returned it. There was a folder on his deluxe desk, and I knew it contained everything for me. I sat before him, and he asked if I understood what would happen in that session. I nodded gently.

Growing up, I was born into a middle-class family, never experiencing extreme poverty but also unfamiliar with vast wealth or abundance. Dad, after taking a sip of his tea, began reading from the legal paper. His emotions poured through his words, touching me deeply. However, my shock came when he revealed my inheritance. I had expected perhaps some land or property, but it was much more than that.

Dad had bequeathed me everything that belonged to him, instantly making me wealthy. At a time when I was finishing college and about to embark on my business journey, this newfound security filled me with hope for the future. With talent, energy, and high expectations, I aimed to serve my community with creativity, seeing myself as a solutionist.

After tearfully thanking him, Dad stood up, his gaze fixed not on the paper but on me. He approached, sat before me, and revealed there was more. My three deceased uncles, each living in different countries, had left us all their assets, totaling more than $5.6 billion dollars. The news was overwhelming, breathtaking, and filled me with gratitude.

As a child, I had sensed something significant awaited me, but this surpassed all expectations. The magnitude of $5.6 billion dollars was beyond comprehension. Waves of realization washed over me, leaving me energized and hopeful for the future. Dad had taken care to distribute our wealth wisely, ensuring it would enrich not only our lives but the lives of others through projects and investments. The wealth awaiting me was immense, yet I vowed to use it to make life beautiful for my family, myself, and everyone around me.

The Wealthy Man
Tony Francis

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