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Jesus promised us abundant life here on earth before we go to heaven. “The thief does not come except to steal, and to kill, and to destroy. I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more ABUNDANTLY.” John 10:10. There is no lack in God. He is EL-SHADDAI, the God of more than enough, your God and my God.

“For the one whom God has sent speaks the words of God, for God gives the Spirit without limit.” John 3:34.

The Holy Spirit is not a lacking Spirit, he is a river, a “Spirit without limit”. Abundance is the nature of God, who he is way before keys and principles. Many are taught biblically how to live a prosperous life but those keys and techniques don’t work for those believers because it is about a core belief in God as the God of abundance! Until you come to that place of belief about the abundant nature of God and his will for you, you won’t be able to release your faith even if you used all the techniques.

Having this firm belief about God, my God, the Holy Spirit activated me in revelations and biblical keys to stir the blessings I have been given in Christ in the heavenly places (See Ephesians 1). Oh, I fell in love with those keys, and I know you will too.

The biblical key that I am about to share with you turned out to be a creative activation that became my daily practice almost. It is addictive and powerful.

God, the great I AM, appeared to Abram and promised him to become a father of many nations. God cut that promise to Abram who became AbraHam and that by itself is powerful.

God in his tender mercies doesn’t only promise us great blessings, callings, and destinies but he teaches us, works with us, and helps us cultivate faith in his promises. We need God from the beginning to the end. God visited Jeremiah, not only to reveal to him his destiny as a prophet but also to work with his weaknesses, and doubts. God also went further to train Jeremiah by activating him in the seer anointing by asking him what do you see? God was teaching Jeremiah to prophesy. Isn’t God so awesome and so good? He is a Father like no other, halleluiah, he wants to see YOU succeed.

After the God of covenant cut that glorious promise to Abraham, having Messiah in mind, he didn’t stop there but activated Abram in many ways to build his faith.

Jesus said, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. Jesus is your promise maker AND your faith builder. He never leaves you nor forsakes you! (I can cry here and just erupt in worship).

God turned the name of Abram to Abraham, and the faith activations started! Now Abraham is locked in his thinking about the promise (I am a father of many nations). Each time Abraham heard his community calling his new name, faith would arise and keep building in his heart. Do you see this beautiful activation? It was God’s idea.

God didn’t stop at changing the name of Abram, but he connected Abraham’s faith to the stars in the vast sky, a huge limitless scene, a visual. This is how your offspring will be, God said to Abraham! (Gen 15). Now every time someone calls Abraham by name faith rises in him and every time Abraham looked at the stars each night faith was established.

God surrounded Abraham with activations to keep him in the faith! Are you living like that? Protecting your faith, building it constantly? There is a journey to your promise. Today the 12 tribes of Israel are displayed in the sky because of Abraham’s faith. We see them in the constellations, and they reveal the glory of the Messiah. God fulfilled his promise to Abraham, but it was after activating him in faith every single moment in many ways.

I’ve learned from the Holy Spirit that connecting a given promise to a visual builds my faith which leads to glory and manifestations. There is nothing more powerful than seeing it. If you see it, you can have it but first, make sure it is within your inheritance in Christ.

Today it became my practice to focus on a certain blessing and then connect a wild creative visual that has no limits or boundaries just like the stars. I understand how powerful this activation is! It is not about what I write/see, it is about going wild and limitless to stir the blessing behind my practice. My wild creative SKY GRAND visual is just a little spoon to stir a  big blessing, the substance of what I want to manifest.

The secret is to go wild, creative, and BIG to rise your faith. There is something about the HIGH PRAISE, right? Go high, be in the spirit, break the membrane of reasoning, and paralyze doubts. I will clarify even more. Imagine you love someone, and you want to express your love and appreciation. Gift that one a shirt and that person will receive it and acknowledge your love. Gift him two shirts, and now he is so excited. Gift him a closet full of shirts and now that one is speechless, in tears, and is marked by your love. Go big, stir it strong. Let your senses engage in it.

When you write a creative visual, don’t focus much on it because the aim is not to fulfill it, the aim is to stir the blessing desired behind it.

The word in you will produce, that’s why “the birds” come immediately to steal it. What you sow in yourself as words, visuals, and emotions, will build the faith that will lead to glory “if you believe, you shall SEE the glory of God”.  John 11:40

Let’s say you want to stir the blessing of acceptance and approval in your life because you are struggling with rejection. You can write a creative wild limitless visual about how loved you are. Something like that:

“Today I woke up and as usual I turned on my mobile phone and received texts like crazy, almost all my social media apps were full. People were checking on me, tagging me, I was on their minds, and many wanted to arrange an outing with me because they love to hang out with me. It took me hours to answer them all and interact with them. After that, I saw that a group of people who used to bully me when I was a child, wanted to apologize and connect with me again. They love me today and know my worth. I was in tears! I don’t live for approval but what can I do about it, it just follows me, and I can’t stop it because when God blesses me, no man can curse me”.

Did you like this activation? I did. Will your phone be bombarded with messages tomorrow? Probably not but FOR SURE you stirred the blessing of approval, and it is now working and GOD himself will write the best scenario possible about that approval you stirred for him. Fill God’s pen with the ink of your desired blessing and let him do the writing. Trust in the Lord!

Happy activation!

Tony Francis


If you want to learn more, you can listen below to my 40 minutes live stream I did recently on Facebook where I taught about this and activated people in it. God bless you!


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