Activating Abundance Now Through This Creative Technique – “Fatherhood”

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I want to let you in on another personal creative writing from my “Abundance Journal” and the blessing topic was about being transformed into Fatherhood.

If you’ve spent time around me and the ministry, you’re likely aware that I’m a man of activation. I enjoy empowering others to realize their God-given potential, particularly in the prophetic realm. I’ve always been a practical believer in my walk with the Lord. I seek to understand spiritual concepts and experience my inheritance in Christ in practical, tangible ways. God delights in us when we embrace what His only begotten Son sacrificed for.

One of the activation techniques I’ve adopted is what I call “My Abundance Journal.” I select a blessing topic and creatively write about it. I’ll share my process and encourage you to engage in it during your private time. Essentially, this journaling exercise involves journeying with the Holy Spirit to amplify your blessings in your imagination, stretching your mindset to its maximum capacity, much like physical exercise builds muscles. The excerpt you’re about to read touches on one of the many topics I’ve explored: My fatherhood transformation!

God is boundless! We’re born into a culture of limitations, scarcity, and poverty mentality. Your feet won’t take you where your mind hasn’t already visited before.

In this activation, the key is to break down mental barriers and expand your beliefs through creative writing and imagination. While it might be challenging for some, it promises great blessings. Understand that this creative writing exercise is meant to stretch your mindset and perspective; it’s not necessarily a prophecy that will come to pass. Approach it with a spirit of enjoyment and fun, and remember, as much as you exaggerate, you’ll never surpass God’s abundance and goodness for us. We may fall short, but we can still attempt to scratch the surface! Stretching your borders, start by stretching your mindset and belief system, let’s activate…

Below is not a vision or a prophecy, it is a creative writing with the Holy Spirit to unlock abundance in a certain area of a blessing!

Immersed in Infinite Fatherhood:

Not a long time ago, I came back home and to my surprise, I found a very strange-looking key resting on my sofa in the living room. It is not my key, I said. For some moments I tried to think hard if somebody visited me recently and left the key there. No one, none! For months now I had no visitations. That made the moment so weird and odd to me and a little bit frightening.

I approached to behold the key closely, it was so surprising to me, I don’t think there is a key like it on earth in form and power that is emanating from. That key was in the form of the letter F. I can’t describe to you the amount of power, security, dominion, love, and joy emanating from that F-form letter key. Do I grab it? I thought to myself. I was hesitant not because of fear but because somehow, I knew I would journey into something big through that key.

Then I reached out suddenly and quickly without thinking anymore because I didn’t want to waste any more time. I want to step into this!

THE key visited my house for a reason. Boldness came over me and I grabbed it in both hands. I wanted it. What is this key all about? Where is the door anyway for this key? Who would provide a supernatural key to me without the door? As I overwhelmed myself with all those reasonable thoughts because of my desperation to use the key, suddenly an Angel appeared to me in the room and in the middle of his stomach I saw an opening for the F key I was holding in my hands. The Angel said nothing, I just knew that I could insert my key into the Angel. I knew that because I saw in my imagination that I was approaching the Angel and doing this. This is how I know what to do!

I am a tough man, strong, bold, manly inside and in my appearance but my heart was beating as I was approaching this opportunity.

I stretched my hand to put the key inside and at some point, the energy hovering on the opening attracted the key and sucked it in. Instantly, I saw myself in a big womb then I realized it was not a womb but a BOSOM!

A huge, gigantic bosom. I felt like I was sitting in an unlimited energy field of strength, affirmations, love, correction, intimacy, and creativity. For a reason, I wasn’t consumed by that bosom. As humans, we put words to our experiences, so that bosom for me felt like FATHER’s lap but infinitely multiplied. I could stay here all day, not all day, but forever! It became my chair of comfort!

The longer I sat in the Father’s bosom, the longer I was filled with its substance and then I started seeing the faces of people that I didn’t know but I felt they were all my children and I am responsible for them.

What? I am 38, not married, and don’t know what fatherhood means, what is going on?

That F key was FATHERHOOD’s presence. When I began to understand FATHERHOOD and that blessed bosom, I started getting mysteries, secrets, and downloads about the universe and everything about it. FATHERHOOD originates everything!

Then I felt like a huge thunderous sound wave was coming toward me like a train. We hear the train coming from afar! That sound felt like that… and BOOM it hit my core.

I thought I was going to hear a sentence in my language, but it was more an energy language that filled my being and I heard it and understood it as much as I could. I was empowered at that moment to manifest FATHERHOOD energy and heart.

I was never the same, everything changed in me even in my physical appearance. OMG!

Fatherhood looks like something.

Super Dad
Tony Francis

Let me know in the comments below your opinion about this activation and if you have tried it. Also, I want you to watch my new 1-hour video course “As you go up, glory comes down”: Learn more

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