The Narrow Gate

Years ago, when I was new in the faith, I was just born again, the Lord connected me with a blessed spiritual prophetess from another country. She became my everything, like a newborn to his mother. Every night I log into the internet waiting for her to come online to speak to my life, mentor me, pray and prophesy for me. Faithfully, Kris, that sweet lady, would come online every night just for ME. I know the importance of being mothered because of her and another sweet sister too.

I was and still am like a baby bird with a wide-open mouth because of my hunger waiting to be fed in the Lord. Kris taught me great and wonderful secrets, revelations, mysteries, the word of God, and the ways of the Holy Spirit. Not only did she teach me, but she trained me to walk in the supernatural.

I already was open to the supernatural because before Christ I went after the new age, so I was ready! I loved those moments of praying and prophesying at the end of each chat night with Kris. I would wait on the edge of my seat waiting for Kris to start manifesting the Holy Spirit and my faith would rise when I hear her saying whoo haa ohhh hmmm, because I knew she was about to prophesy to me and then graciously she would allow me to prophesy over her and after a while, she knew I was graced in the prophetic. I treasure those sacred moments; Jesus was taking care of me. It was about him; he was behind all that. I am forever thankful for his loving kindness, halleluiah.

One day, I opened my email to find out Kris has sent me an attached word document with a VERY long prophetic word. I was so happy, excited, and thrilled because it was a generous banquet. I knew it was going to be a weighty email and a life-changing one! Today I don’t remember her prophetic words in that email, the only thing I remember was the last sentence of her last paragraph. Kris told me by the Spirit of the Lord: Tony, you are called to humility! Those words witnessed greatly in my spirit, defined me, and stayed with me till this very day and will continue to.

I knew later that everything I went through in my life was because of the opposite of the spirit of humility. In spiritual warfare, if you are aiming for a real breakthrough, the root of the attack and the landing strip must be revealed. Jesus is your light AND salvation, he will reveal to you and save you!

I tell you today what the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart years ago through mama Kris: “You are called to HUMILITY.”

Tony Francis

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