Healing From Trauma

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I’m not an expert in healing others’ traumas but the Lord can. Trauma is a big life-altering event that can happen in someone’s life, your life, and my life. The American psychological association defines trauma this way: “Trauma is an emotional response to a terrible event like an accident, rape, or natural disaster. Immediately after the event, shock and denial are typical. Longer-term reactions include unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, strained relationships, and even physical symptoms like headaches or nausea.”

Traumas that happen to us have different levels, weak, mild and extreme. Every level causes a crack in our souls, no doubt, it may be faint or a vivid split but those cracks are painful because we are created by God to be and remain whole.

When we go through a painful experience or a good one, all of our three layers are touched, the physical, the soul, and the spirit. I want you to always think that you are one being and what happens to you affects you totally on all levels. Science or psychology may not always reveal this to you for many reasons. Many scientists don’t believe a man has a spirit, they identify your soul, your emotions, thoughts, and will, and of course the obvious which is your physical. But knowing in part and offering solutions and remedies without fully seeing the whole picture may and will cause you more damage because they are considering this and forsaking the other. We thank God for experts but we trust in the Lord to complete the full picture and bring the fullness of wholeness that we long for.

You’ve read how psychology defines trauma, but how does the Holy Spirit see trauma?

Trauma is a spirit, a wicked strategy from the devil well planned for, organized, and customized for each individual and saved for a certain time to be released in someone’s life when things line up to cause the ultimate knocking damage to make it permanent and impossible to reverse and heal from and to cause the shattered entity to deviate from discovering the Lord and who he is in him and to keep that one ions away from his divine destiny. The devil wants the pain to define you! God wants wholeness to be your identity.

You may be thinking, Tony you’ve gone too far, why are you taking trauma to the spiritual level? Honestly, because it originates there. I totally understand we live in a fallen world and imperfect people cause damage and accidents and that’s totally right and true. But when it comes to trauma the devil is involved because trauma is so violent same as his killing nature. The devil is always after BIG events in your life, he is not really after small things and accidents like a slight cut or a scratch on your skin when you peel an apple, or a headache, etc. The devil wants a violent pain to take over you, define you and alter your relationship with the Lord and your destiny. Trauma is one of his big tools. You will be amazed at the responses we get if I ask you to share a traumatic event you’ve gone through. Almost everyone was subject to it and right now the devil is scheduling one for your children.

You can never heal from something you don’t know the full truth about and its roots. You will be locked in cycles of despair and failures and not go anywhere if you treat the symptoms but do not curse the roots. I pray the Spirit of the Lord enlightens you as you read this in Jesus’ name because it is not a coincidence that you are reading about trauma today and how to heal from it.

Trauma is spiritual, no more talking about it.

Now that you know its origin, you can position yourself to discover the real and true healing for it. Let me interject this here before I proceed with my topic on trauma.

The Bible, for example, lists homosexuality as a sin that Christ died for. Why would Christ die if psychology can treat it for those who don’t want this lifestyle? It is because only the power of Jesus can break sin because sin is spiritual, now after that is done and well received, that struggling person can proceed for help from Christian counselors and even some other treatments. Trauma is spiritual and only God’s power and anointing can deal with it. The Lord can locate it for you, deal with it, set you free and bring you back to wholeness that leads you to a better relationship with the Lord and embracing your God-given destiny.

A healed trauma that doesn’t lead you to God and your destiny is not trauma. It was something else you were dealing with.

I remember when I was little, with no built walls of protection in me, no prayer coverings, knew nothing about God, the word was not in me, I was subject to extreme shattering traumas, word abuse and physical ones too, which established excruciating pain in me and I became locked in the constant struggle inside. Part of me was strongly trying to get rid of that trauma but I couldn’t help getting it out. After years of struggle, I surrendered myself to the pain of trauma and let it define me because I found no way out even though I searched for and encountered all kinds of natural healing and resources available in this fallen world but it made me worse and stole my time because little did I know what I was going through was spiritual and it takes the power of Jesus Christ to break those invisible shackles. Long story short, that’s exactly what happened when I met Christ and gave him my life and my pieces. He made me whole and I can’t tell you how TASTY this feeling is. I dwell in wholeness, not in perfection, there is a difference between being whole and perfect.

After God restored me from those traumatic areas in my life, I discovered that my relationship with him deepened and I embraced more of my calling and who I am in him. Others today are greatly blessed by me because I WAS FOUND.

The prince of Peace, Jesus Christ, will take you shattered and gives you peace. You will be WHOLE again and that my friend is a traumatic event to the devil. Amen!

Tony Francis


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