What is Holy Spirit saying this Pentecost 2022?

As I positioned myself in prayer to hear what is Holy Spirit saying today on Pentecost/Shavuot 2022, this is what I feel sharing with you in the name of Jesus. (Forward this to your church please)

Churches will never be the same after this day, I am pouring out hunger for my presence again like never before. My presence is with you but it manifests when you cry out for it, when you want me so bad. Didn’t Jesus want you so bad? Didn’t Jesus go through all the love challenges to be in a relationship with you? You will find me if you seek me from ALL your heart.

I am setting intercessors, mighty ones, who will lead the way, and have one focus only, my presence, releasing the cry of Moses; we want to see your glory!

I will honor those intercessors that I am going to cry through them! Interested in joining your church prayer team?

If you are a church leader or a pastor, know that it is so wise right now to invest in your intercessory team because the presence of God is carried by priests. Bless your intercessors, empower them, organize them and unleash them with your blessing and see your church being restored/excel to glory and power encounters. Manifestations of Yahweh! God longs for it.

Draw God with your hunger expressed in prayers, intensive prayers! Again, I remind you, you are not bringing God to the scene he is already with you. You are laboring to bring his manifest presence.

Be intentional in your prayers with this one focus and I will honor you and bless the community. Remember Moses, he lead millions, and because he knew how to enter consistently in prayer in the tent and met me there THAT a whole nation lived under an open heaven. Remember Elijah, he brought my rain to a whole nation. Do not say we are small or little, or not numbered. You just need two to agree in prayer.

I see Holy Spirit at the door of the church, he is that close.

Happy Powerful Pentecost

Tony Francis

I am believing this Pentecost for the salvation of your family. If you want to sow your seed for this blessing, do it by faith. You are not buying your family’s salvation, you are just sowing and connecting to a ground that is BELIEVING for your family’s salvation. A seed connects you to the ground.

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Prophetic Word for the month of JUNE/SIVAN 2022

Welcome to June/Sivan 2022. This is what I sense Holy Spirit saying to prepare us for this month we are entering in. We first need to remember according to the psalmist “my time is in your hand” which secures everything for us: peace, blessings, healing, prosperity, victory, etc. I decree and declare that you are stepping into another cycle of blessings, not because of the month itself but because you are in Christ. Yes, God sets a certain agenda for each month and season and you need to be aware of it, position yourself, connect by faith, receive and walk in it.

The month of June/Sivan is not a detached month; it is the next building block of what you have been building on in the month of May and before. I sense more weight of glory in the month of June. I see the glory portal open and I am looking into it now, omg! I wish I could photograph this vision for you! It is so rich, filled with wonderful things stored for you. I don’t believe you can download all of this richness in a single month but take whatever you see and whatever you can believe for. Beautiful!

I believe the Lord wants you to focus this month on his GLORY because this is what he wants to release for you. What is glory? It is the person of Yeshua/Jesus, his character, and his inheritance! Halleluiah.

I pray Holy Spirit touches your faith right now and helps you connect to the glory of God. I feel like crying, I am overwhelmed. Oh, the weight of his glory! Jesus loves you and he can’t wait to lavish you this month with his glory in every area.

Focus on his glory and “faith it” and glory is what you will walk in. Jesus is your glory and head lifter! Look up.

Tony Francis

I believe as you sow financially this month of June your ground will breakthrough. I saw it cracking! Feel free to sow any amount desired or led by the Holy Spirit. Please do it by faith! As Paul said, my intention is for you to be blessed as you give. I agree with your seed in Jesus’ name. Amen

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Prophetic Word for the month of MAY/IYAR 2022

Welcome to May/Iyar 2022. As I positioned myself to hear from the Holy Spirit about his will and intentions, stored blessings and assignments for us in this month, this is what I feel sharing with you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ, who is the King over time and each month of the year. I want you to know that in Christ, time is your servant; it works for you now and not against you. Time is a blessing! God hides his blessings in time, feasts, and seasons, and it all points to him because, for lovers, an appointment is for dating and meeting. It is not about the appointment itself.

In May/Iyar, I sense God is about to give a mass deliverance from demonic oppression and attacks. Not just one or two or three but groups of people will be visited by the freeing presence of the Lord.

Many will be delivered from the oppression of the spirit of witchcraft and control. You will even feel free from worldly systems! Halleluiah.

The world’s system is to serve you and not to put you in bondage and total dependence on it. God is your source and in him your ultimate trust. Many were afraid of leaving their jobs even though Holy Spirit blessed them to make this move and you will be graced and able to do it because you will be free from the controlling spirit of witchcraft that the systems invoked on you as it did on many by telling them through many ways, YOU CAN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT US. (LIARS)

Receive this amazing freedom that the Lord Jesus Christ is releasing, attract it by faith, embrace it, and thank him for it!

You are made for divine freedom and everything that is lesser is not your portion and is a low life.

In this month of May/Iyar 2022, you are BLESSED with FREEDOM in Jesus’ mighty name.

Tony Francis

If you want to sow for your financial freedom, you can give by clicking on the button below. I’m believing for you!

A couple of days ago, we had an amazing 2 hours and 20 minutes prophetic Zoom call where I shared with many about the secrets of time, my experience with God’s calendar, the word of the Lord in the month of May 2022 about the world events, Q&A, prophetic words to those who have their birthday in May and activation at the end on how to hear from the Holy Spirit for this month. It was awesome and powerful and I give Jesus all the glory. You can get to watch the replay here by video or audio:


Passover Prophetic Word 2022

It was on my heart today to press in for the word of the Lord on this holy Passover. God is holy, his feasts are holy and his voice is holy and I believe God parties with his people on his feasts and he shows himself strong and clear and speaks to them! What an honor as we position ourselves to hear now the words of the Holy Spirit for this Passover 2022!

I see the gathering of eagles and they are flying in a circle in the sky and I saw on their beaks what looks like honey. Eagles represent the prophetic church of God and the honey is on the mouth of each eagle in this vision. God is asking you to SPEAK his sweetness and goodness in this high moment of glory you are in this Passover! I know you can decree his sweetness and goodness anytime and every day but the Holy Spirit is highlighting the IMPORTANCE of aligning with this invitation and releasing your tongue with sweet words. And what is sweeter than God’s promises?

Bless the Lord today, let sweetness comes forth because the cross of Yeshua/Jesus and his holy blood has turned the bitter water into sweet water. Are you struggling with a bitter memory, today God wants you to shift this by your decrees under the holy remembrance of his Son’s blood! In Christ, you are no more bitter but BETTER!

Have a sweet Passover in Jesus’ mighty name. AMEN

Tony Francis
Author of Healed Nations


Prophetic Word for the month of APRIL/NISSAN 2022

As I was praying and positioning myself to hear from the Holy Spirit for this month of April/Nissan 2022 I sensed so strong that in this holy month we are consecrating ourselves afresh unto the Lord, the SEER realm and the VISIONARY anointing is playing grand.

You will be under the blessing of the SEEING Spirit of God but you need your faith to connect to it because the righteous lives by faith!

It will be a month where many will birth a heavy vision for the days, months, and years ahead! You will receive downloads in your spirit and you will feel the faith stirring strongly in you to take action and build towards that vision(s) because you are made for it or let me say it is made for you!

I decree you will have a pure heart and seeing because the pure in heart will see God. May the Spirit cleanse your eyes and visions to birth what is in the heart of God for you and your generation in Jesus’ name. Amen!

Tony Francis