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Thursday of Completion – Zoom Event

Prophetic Zoom Event

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Beginning of July 2022, the Holy Spirit gave me this prophetic word that I released on my blog Healed Nations “July month of achievement and grand beginnings”. I was the first one to be encouraged by it because boy do I need to step into such a season. Later on, after a few days, I was overwhelmed by CONFIRMATIONS from prophets and prophetic voices who started releasing their words saying the SAME thing. Don’t we love the prophetic tribe?

One prophetic voice has written this on his Facebook page: “July is the 7th month in the Gregorian calendar. Expect 7X Fold, Recompense & PayBack in this month of COMPLETION.

When I released my prophetic word I never thought about July as number 7 and never wrote my prophetic word based on that. I was just writing in a prophetic flow what Holy Spirit was downloading to me. But those other confirmations were right on, I love it.

One thing that blew me is when I was searching for a photo to attach it to my prophetic word, I chose the photo you are seeing, a girl completing her race and finishing the cycle, and the number that was on her chest was a long random number that I didn’t want to appear, so I photoshopped it and left the number 7 only on her chest, not knowing what I was doing but God did. I left number 7 just because I love it. Haha, God is so awesome!

OK! Yesterday on Monday 4th of July 2022, I had this peaceful nudge from Holy Spirit to do a Zoom Event this Thursday. I am not someone who is active much on Zoom and I barely organize an Event though I love them greatly and each time we meet we are blessed beyond measure because his glory is among us. So I prayed this desire away hehe, honestly. I said Lord, is this really you? Why this Thursday, I don’t get it and I don’t know what this Zoom Event is for? Like what do you want me to do, I have nothing in my heart for your people. THEN!!!! I checked the calendar and saw that this Thursday is the 7th of July and I KNEW it without wavering that God wants to minister the prophetic word I released in this coming Zoom Event. That’s why I titled it “Thursday of Completion – Zoom Event”. I tremble and honor the timing of the Lord and if he highlights Thursday the 7th then it is a divine appointment and I am not letting go of this window of time.

I wrote ALLLLL this to invite you to this coming Zoom Event, this Thursday. I am the first to attend it lol because I really want to end cycles, achieve big and start grand beginnings in the Lord.

Below is my full prophetic word about the month of July in case you haven’t read it so far on my blog. (Join my newsletter to receive those valuable emails). God bless you!

Prophetic Word for the month of JULY/TAMMUZ 2022

I am so excited to share with you what I felt I received from the Holy Spirit for the month of July/Tammuz 2022 that we are entering into. I am so excited because I know with God it is going to BE GOOD. Have you held to a book before where it is so good chapter by chapter that you can’t let go of it until you have completed it? This is how a year rolls with our heavenly Father, it is so good chapter by chapter, from glory to glory, that we can’t but LOOK INTO what he is saying, titling, arranging, and organizing for us now and then. July is another chapter of his goodness that I can’t wait to jump into to do life with him under the umbrella of this holy timing and divine appointments! Glory to God.

“July, July, you are going to serve my purposes for my people, says the Lord.”

July is a month of great achievements, where things you left cooking for a while are about to be served deliciously. Many of you have felt the frustration of building things up, organizing, investing, planning, and expecting, and now is the time for your pleasant satisfaction because it is going to be served well. I actually sense in the spirit that God has assigned eloquent and elegant Angels of presentations. Doesn’t look bad when you have a very well-prepared expensive meal but ends up with a bad presentation or outlook? Not many will be drawn to it, right?. God’s BEST presentation will be the topping of what you’ve been building up recently. He will beautify your efforts, brand them with glory and cause his beauty to do the marketing for you and appeal others to it. It is going to be so good and awesome! Halleluiah.

July is a month for achievements, closed deals, finalizations, and grand beginnings. You are going to shine this month, believe this prophetic word, connect to it and you will see it come to pass. God is on the move, he has blessed your assignments and projects, the core and the skin, the inside and the outside are so beautiful in him, and YOU are going to sell, and sail. Amen!

Tony Francis

Thank you for sharing this with your friends and churches! God bless.

Note: If you can’t attend this live event, we will email you the replay when available, no worries! (Register to receive the replay).

The Zoom entrance is a minimum of $7 but you can sow as you feel led and I am one of those who truly believe in prophetic sowing and numbers. You can sow doubles of 7, triples, quadruples, etc. No pressure, feel free to be yourself. God bless you and see you on Thursday 7th of July 2022 at 11 PM Beirut time.

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