In the Prophets’ Shoes

Live Zoom Class

Speaker: Tony Francis

Type: Live Zoom Class (video + audio replay available)

Date & Time: Saturday, July 23rd, 2022 at 9 pm GMT

Price: Minimum of $10

Duration: 2 Hours 43 Minutes

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How would you feel if you know you have the pure word of the Lord without a shadow of a doubt and that God is the ONE who is sending you to release his prophetic word? Over the years, I’ve seen many of God’s people struggling in the prophetic and are held back for many reasons.

In this zoom class, whatever the reason that is holding you back from soaring in prophetic power, you will see it fading away and you will be excited about it.

I received from Holy Spirit a powerful activation that will literally put you in the shoes of confidence that Yahweh is sending you and you have his pure prophetic word. Taste and see that the Lord is good! You will experience that.

No matter where you are in the prophetic now, whether you are just starting or seasoned in it, this class is for YOU! It is a safe place to meet before the Lord and be among our precious brothers and sisters in Christ from all around the world, to activate, and be mentored in the prophetic.

I sense this powerful key and activation downloaded to me along with other insights and revelations will accelerate you in the prophetic. It is like this heavenly fresh activation will redeem your time in the gift of prophecy! Can’t wait.

You don’t want to miss this live interactive zoom class replay.

God bless you

Tony Francis

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This live zoom class replay is a minimum of $10. This class like all others comes with so much preparation, prayers, study, and technical effort. Feel free to sow more if you want to support my ministry! God bless you. Thank you so much!

After you checkout, you will get the link to a private page to access the replay.