Prophetic Word for the month of Kislev 5783 / December 2022

Every time I position myself to pray and hear from the Holy Spirit for each month (Hebraic and Gregorian) I get so excited and joyful. It is so powerful to make Jesus the Lord over our time and new beginnings. Two are at the door, the King of Glory and the enemy and when we consecrate ourselves and time for Yeshua, he comes and reigns and the rest is history! Surely goodness and mercy follow you every single day. I encourage you to make it your holy habit and discipline to download God’s agenda, align with Heaven and pray for your times and seasons. God wants time to be your servant and not your enemy, he doesn’t want you to war with time. If you want to learn more about that, you can read my post “I know My Plans For You”.

Now let’s read and hear by faith what God is revealing to us about this month. Are you ready?

The Lord says this month you will feel a difference in your church meetings wherever you do them. My anointing will be present in stronger ways and levels like never before. The reason I am increasing my anointing in your church meetings and gatherings is that many are coming and they need MY deliverance. Entertaining sermons will not help them, they are after the real deal, they want to SEE ME, says the Spirit of the Lord.

It is so important as servants and ministers of the Gospel to prepare for this new level of anointing. Yes God is releasing the anointing in stronger measures BUT as a carrier and a vessel you need to steward it, less the pure will be mixed when coming out of your heart and character pipelines. God wants JESUS and JESUS only to be seen, in a pure form. Humility is key because it is not your power and skills that are changing people’s lives but his power and might. Don’t lose your mind, you are just a vessel and HE is the treasure.

Prepare yourself well behind the scenes, in deep prayers, in the fire of God, and let Jesus shines through you! It shall be an ever-increasing anointing in Jesus’ name.

People will come to see you BURN for the Lord. “I set myself on fire and people come to watch me burn.” John Wesley (John 1)

Jesus told Peter if you love me serve my people. What a precious moment in time to show your love for the Lord and serve his people powerfully. One day you will enjoy the rewards in Heaven! I feel God’s excitement this month because he is about to encounter many and show them his SAVING love which goes beyond words. It is power and tangible glory, it is a dark heart turning to the light, it is crossing from death to life, it is BONDING with the Son of the living God. You play an important role in all that and for that, we thank God for you! Halleluiah

If you have a church, if you lead meetings anywhere, feel free to comment below so the readers of this blog can lift you in their prayers. Let God anoint you! I end with those amazing words in the book of Ruth 3:3, wash before the anointing “Therefore wash yourself and anoint yourself, put on your best garment and go down to the threshing floor; but do not make yourself known to the man until he has finished eating and drinking.” Amen

Tony Francis

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Prophetic Word for the month of Heshvan 5783 /November 2022

As I was praying about this month I felt the Holy Spirit highlighting humility. This is going to be a month full of breakthroughs because of the wheels of humility in action. I sense that it has been your cry recently for the Lord to bring more humility to your heart and as a result not only will the Lord do that in you but will also cause great and many breakthroughs too. Just as Solomon cried in his dream for wisdom in his encounter with the Lord, he was granted that AND the Lord added riches, victory, and other blessings to him.

In this month you will be fortified in humility and it is so beautiful. I see the crown of humility covering you and I see the low places in your thoughts, mindset, and paradigm taking place. God is making the high places in your thoughts low and the hills as mountains and then you will see the glory of the Lord. Jesus knows how to humble you and it is by his Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is your helper, he will fill you with humility and grace. I see you wearing the mantle/robe/presence of humility on you and it is a long one that covers you all. You are hidden in God. Pride exposes you, and ejects your parts outside of God’s presence and protection and we don’t want that. I am also looking right now in the spirit at your eyes and I see how beautiful they are because of Yeshua’s humility in them that you see things and perspectives through it, and discern things sharply. You will never be the same, and it is a powerful month for you.

Receive this word, get under the authority of what the Lord is doing now, grow in humility, and manifest breakthroughs for his glory. After that, what used to trigger you and take you down will lose its grip on you because you have died to it. Healing occurs when you die to self and it is by the Spirit says the Spirit of God.

Tony Francis

Feel free to sow the beginning of this month to support this ministry. I am believing that as you sow generously you will break through into writing and finalizing your project from A to Z in Jesus’ name and your writing will carry the presence of God and his truth that will influence others’ lives.

Prophetic Word for the month of OCTOBER/TISHREI 2022

This is what I sense I received from the Holy Spirit in my prayer for October/Tishrei 2022. I pray this prophetic word blesses you mightily in Jesus’ name and releases the will of God who is Lord over times and seasons. Thank you for reading this word by faith and not as an entertaining word, because your faith that connects to the revealed will of God will make the whole difference for you and position you to see his glory.

I hear in my spirit these words “THE BEGINNING OF MINISTRIES”. The Lord is showing me that many of you have been prepared through A LOT. “The horse is prepared for the battle but the victory comes from the Lord”, Halleluiah! You’ve been prepared and you know that. I see in the spirit now the passage in the bible that talks about Jesus standing in the Jordan River and the Spirit/the Anointing coming on him as a dove. It was the Lord’s anointing time and the beginning of his earthly ministry! What a precious moment that changed the course of humanity.

You too are standing under this same BLESSING in the heavenly realms, it is time, YOUR time. I see you are being mantled and God is launching you for whatever he has in store for you. You are not called to be a superstar but a servant just like Yeshua. You will love it, feel satisfaction beyond words and you will know without a shadow of a doubt that you wouldn’t be happier if you haven’t stepped into your calling and ministry.

It is time says the Lord. Let God anoint you, announce you and promote you for servanthood to carry his glory to where he is calling you. It is a holy time, and I believe you will not miss it and you will be in the right place at the right time just like Jesus was in the Jordan River and God will establish your commissioning and the beginning of your ministry/ministries. You were created for such a time as this and you will make a difference and an impact. Embrace it!

I felt sharing with you this mp3 audio of 30 minutes where Kathryn Kuhlman shares about the beginning of her healing ministry. It is priceless but you can download it for a minimum of $1. Click here if you are interested:

Tony Francis

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What is the Holy Spirit saying about the biblical year 5783?

I sense the delight of Yeshua in my heart for what is coming.

I even see the Lord in a vision right now flipping the calendar himself and turning it to welcome the new. I see a remnant from his people in his presence who were purged and went through so much. You are among those remnants and God is going to do exploits through you!

I see the Lord speaking with each one of his remnants in specific ways, it is like he is giving each one a specific and unique mandate for this year. I am now taken in the spirit to the instance in the bible where the roof or the ceiling was torn by faith-filled people to lower down their friend in need of a miracle. Those remnants are not just faith-filled believers, what qualifies them is the violence they have in their faith for Jesus, an aggressive faith-filled believer. Great faith & exploits will mark this year. As the world is heading toward extremism in almost everything, so shall kingdom people but not all will respond, just the remnant.

As I was looking at the year 5783, I realized that it has three odd numbers and one even and that ONE even number felt ODD to me because it stands alone. I felt the Holy Spirit is highlighting that we will see in this year the ODD, the unusual, the strange, miracles, signs, and wonders in the hands of the remnant, the violent in faith. You will be a sign for Yahweh this year. God is not calling strange people or promoting weirdness but the supernatural and the ODD will be so visible through his people. This also makes sense to me, and I can witness it even in the natural because aren’t we seeing ODD laws, a new breed of sexual beings, etc.?

In the year 5783, the anointing of the Holy Spirit is so rich, so present, and so available like never before because it is the anointing that breaks the yoke of bondage and nowadays not only individuals are oppressed and demonically possessed but also whole nations. God’s anointing is richly available for you to serve the earth that is groaning for FREEDOM. This year will be marked by the anointing of the Holy Spirit! Halleluiah.

I am now in the spirit standing before the throne of God and I am allowed to hear strange, big prayers, prayers that feel so new to heaven because the needs on the earth changed, and what we are dealing with nowadays is extreme, very extreme. A new level in intercession and intercessors will emerge and will allow the Spirit to pray through them what this era really needs. Those intercessors will not be intimidated by their big, new, and strange prayers because they know the Holy Spirit, follow him and know he is the one in charge of them.

Wow! I see crusades, crusades, and crusades, and even more, crusades happening in this coming year and forth. The Lord is also inviting his people to finance the kingdom, that’s why we will see the appearance of wealthy people who became abundant, it is an abundance with a purpose! Money will speak for eternity because it is used for the glory of the Lord. If you feel like going for a new business, go for it as the anointing is available for you this year and you will be among those who will bless and finance the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

I see the Holy Spirit moving among the children, like a children’s revival.


Tony Francis

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Prophetic Word for the month of SEPTEMBER/ELUL 2022

Father, we praise your holy name and thank you for the month of September/Elul 2022. It is your will for us to know and discern the times and seasons because we are the children of light who lead and serve others. Light is the leader and those who understand your will are filled with your light!

I sense the Lord is going to move in the political realm and on politicians in the month of September. I am reminded of this story in the bible when God didn’t let the king sleep all night (Esther 6) and in the end, the king turned the table on Haman the wicked who got punished.

Not only did the Lord awaken the king but he brought Haman the wicked to his presence. God orchestrated all the details to bless the “forgotten” righteous (Mordecai) and punish the loud ever-present wicked (Haman). God is about to execute some judgment in the month of September. It is a very bad month for the wicked who are assaulting God’s people and planning to kill them.

The Church of Jesus Christ will breathe more freedom when the enemies are judged.

The kings will be awakened by the righteous King of kings and Lord of lords. This is irreversible!

God causes the kings of the earth to serve and bless the bride of Christ. We are stepping into recognizable blessings for the righteous and damnation for the oppressors in Jesus’ mighty name. Amen

Tony Francis

I sense many of you will need divine favor with your government. Feel free to sow your monthly financial offering below in the work of the Kingdom and believe that God will bless your seed and shower you with favor with your government, politicians, and the laws. A seed is what connects you to a ground, and Healed Nations is a fertile ground that is believing for you and agreeing in Jesus’ name. 

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Prophetic Word for the month of AUGUST/AV 2022

In the blessed book of Revelation, we see our Lord Jesus Christ holding in his hand the stars. Regardless of the meaning of those stars, we know that God is the creator of the heavens and earth and he holds everything in the word of his power. He is the Lord over everything and over time. We know the times and seasons not by studying those elements but by looking at Jesus because all revelations come from him. Creation leads us to the Lord. A passenger is definitely aware of the car but his focus is on the driver and the road, and this is how we relate properly and in balance to time elements and the Lord of time. Months serve God’s purposes and they are simply containers for his blessings, just like you and we say blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord. Amen!

I sense so strongly from the Lord that many in the month of August 2022 will be moving to new houses/places. Why? Because you are a territorial spiritual being and your move has a deeper meaning than just “a simple move” to somewhere else. As you obey and move to the new, you will prosper, this is what Holy Spirit is affirming and confirming to you in the name of Jesus.

I also see in the spirit many of your husbands will start preaching/prophesying, I don’t know if this is related to the move or not, but it could be that the Holy Spirit will anoint and empower your husband to start preaching because that new place triggers a new gift and ministry. Halleluiah … I sense your neighbors will be so happy and blessed by you! They have been waiting for you to show up and for this time to come to pass.

I also sense that you will be pregnant, also I am not sure if this is related to the move or not, but you will be able to get pregnant, it seems like you are prospering and multiplying in the land of the new.

God’s blessings are all over you this month, he is opening doors for you on so many levels and you are sensitive to obey and follow the nudges of the Holy Spirit.

I also see that it is a month of confrontations with Satan because you are plundering his house. The devil always fights the feet of authority, the sole of advancements, those who have territorial authority and plans, and guess what? The Lord of Hosts will be with you and you will follow his divine orders and see his victory and banner!

For some, I see the new school of your children in this new place and I see the blessing of the Lord over it, your children will be in God’s favor in the eyes of their principles, they will be distinguished among many and their grades will score high, they even will lead and serve there and will impact others’ lives. Are not you proud of your lads already? Halleluiah.

Why is the Lord revealing all this to you in this monthly prophetic word? Because he wants you to MOVE, he really wants this, so move! You are blessed. Amen

Tony Francis

Feel free to sow financially at the beginning of August 2022. Let’s believe for your children’s prosperity in this new season in Jesus’ name! Thanks for blessing and supporting Healed Nations’ ministries!

Prophetic Word for the month of JULY/TAMMUZ 2022

I am so excited to share with you what I felt I received from the Holy Spirit for the month of July/Tammuz 2022 that we are entering into. I am so excited because I know with God it is going to BE GOOD. Have you held to a book before where it is so good chapter by chapter that you can’t let go of it until you have completed it? This is how a year rolls with our heavenly Father, it is so good chapter by chapter, from glory to glory, that we can’t but LOOK INTO what he is saying, titling, arranging, and organizing for us now and then. July is another chapter of his goodness that I can’t wait to jump into to do life with him under the umbrella of this holy timing and divine appointments! Glory to God.

“July, July, you are going to serve my purposes for my people, says the Lord.”

July is a month of great achievements, where things you left cooking for a while are about to be served deliciously. Many of you have felt the frustration of building things up, organizing, investing, planning, and expecting, and now is the time for your pleasant satisfaction because it is going to be served well. I actually sense in the spirit that God has assigned eloquent and elegant Angels of presentations. Doesn’t look bad when you have a very well-prepared expensive meal but ends up with a bad presentation or outlook? Not many will be drawn to it, right?. God’s BEST presentation will be the topping of what you’ve been building up recently. He will beautify your efforts, brand them with glory and cause his beauty to do the marketing for you and appeal others to it. It is going to be so good and awesome! Halleluiah.

July is a month for achievements, closed deals, finalizations, and grand beginnings. You are going to shine this month, believe this prophetic word, connect to it and you will see it come to pass. God is on the move, he has blessed your assignments and projects, the core and the skin, the inside and the outside are so beautiful in him, and YOU are going to sell, and sail. Amen!

Tony Francis

Feel free to sow at the beginning of July 2022 and as you sow your seed, thank God for his FAVOR hovering over you like a banner in this month, propelling you to ACHIEVE in Jesus’ name! I am believing with you! Thanks for blessing and supporting Healed Nations’ ministries! God bless you.

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What is Holy Spirit saying this Pentecost 2022?

As I positioned myself in prayer to hear what is Holy Spirit saying today on Pentecost/Shavuot 2022, this is what I feel sharing with you in the name of Jesus. (Forward this to your church please)

Churches will never be the same after this day, I am pouring out hunger for my presence again like never before. My presence is with you but it manifests when you cry out for it, when you want me so bad. Didn’t Jesus want you so bad? Didn’t Jesus go through all the love challenges to be in a relationship with you? You will find me if you seek me from ALL your heart.

I am setting intercessors, mighty ones, who will lead the way, and have one focus only, my presence, releasing the cry of Moses; we want to see your glory!

I will honor those intercessors that I am going to cry through them! Interested in joining your church prayer team?

If you are a church leader or a pastor, know that it is so wise right now to invest in your intercessory team because the presence of God is carried by priests. Bless your intercessors, empower them, organize them and unleash them with your blessing and see your church being restored/excel to glory and power encounters. Manifestations of Yahweh! God longs for it.

Draw God with your hunger expressed in prayers, intensive prayers! Again, I remind you, you are not bringing God to the scene he is already with you. You are laboring to bring his manifest presence.

Be intentional in your prayers with this one focus and I will honor you and bless the community. Remember Moses, he lead millions, and because he knew how to enter consistently in prayer in the tent and met me there THAT a whole nation lived under an open heaven. Remember Elijah, he brought my rain to a whole nation. Do not say we are small or little, or not numbered. You just need two to agree in prayer.

I see Holy Spirit at the door of the church, he is that close.

Happy Powerful Pentecost

Tony Francis

I am believing this Pentecost for the salvation of your family. If you want to sow your seed for this blessing, do it by faith. You are not buying your family’s salvation, you are just sowing and connecting to a ground that is BELIEVING for your family’s salvation. A seed connects you to the ground.

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Prophetic Word for the month of JUNE/SIVAN 2022

Welcome to June/Sivan 2022. This is what I sense Holy Spirit saying to prepare us for this month we are entering in. We first need to remember according to the psalmist “my time is in your hand” which secures everything for us: peace, blessings, healing, prosperity, victory, etc. I decree and declare that you are stepping into another cycle of blessings, not because of the month itself but because you are in Christ. Yes, God sets a certain agenda for each month and season and you need to be aware of it, position yourself, connect by faith, receive and walk in it.

The month of June/Sivan is not a detached month; it is the next building block of what you have been building on in the month of May and before. I sense more weight of glory in the month of June. I see the glory portal open and I am looking into it now, omg! I wish I could photograph this vision for you! It is so rich, filled with wonderful things stored for you. I don’t believe you can download all of this richness in a single month but take whatever you see and whatever you can believe for. Beautiful!

I believe the Lord wants you to focus this month on his GLORY because this is what he wants to release for you. What is glory? It is the person of Yeshua/Jesus, his character, and his inheritance! Halleluiah.

I pray Holy Spirit touches your faith right now and helps you connect to the glory of God. I feel like crying, I am overwhelmed. Oh, the weight of his glory! Jesus loves you and he can’t wait to lavish you this month with his glory in every area.

Focus on his glory and “faith it” and glory is what you will walk in. Jesus is your glory and head lifter! Look up.

Tony Francis

I believe as you sow financially this month of June your ground will breakthrough. I saw it cracking! Feel free to sow any amount desired or led by the Holy Spirit. Please do it by faith! As Paul said, my intention is for you to be blessed as you give. I agree with your seed in Jesus’ name. Amen

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Prophetic Word for the month of MAY/IYAR 2022

Welcome to May/Iyar 2022. As I positioned myself to hear from the Holy Spirit about his will and intentions, stored blessings and assignments for us in this month, this is what I feel sharing with you in the glorious name of Jesus Christ, who is the King over time and each month of the year. I want you to know that in Christ, time is your servant; it works for you now and not against you. Time is a blessing! God hides his blessings in time, feasts, and seasons, and it all points to him because, for lovers, an appointment is for dating and meeting. It is not about the appointment itself.

In May/Iyar, I sense God is about to give a mass deliverance from demonic oppression and attacks. Not just one or two or three but groups of people will be visited by the freeing presence of the Lord.

Many will be delivered from the oppression of the spirit of witchcraft and control. You will even feel free from worldly systems! Halleluiah.

The world’s system is to serve you and not to put you in bondage and total dependence on it. God is your source and in him your ultimate trust. Many were afraid of leaving their jobs even though Holy Spirit blessed them to make this move and you will be graced and able to do it because you will be free from the controlling spirit of witchcraft that the systems invoked on you as it did on many by telling them through many ways, YOU CAN’T MAKE IT WITHOUT US. (LIARS)

Receive this amazing freedom that the Lord Jesus Christ is releasing, attract it by faith, embrace it, and thank him for it!

You are made for divine freedom and everything that is lesser is not your portion and is a low life.

In this month of May/Iyar 2022, you are BLESSED with FREEDOM in Jesus’ mighty name.

Tony Francis

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A couple of days ago, we had an amazing 2 hours and 20 minutes prophetic Zoom call where I shared with many about the secrets of time, my experience with God’s calendar, the word of the Lord in the month of May 2022 about the world events, Q&A, prophetic words to those who have their birthday in May and activation at the end on how to hear from the Holy Spirit for this month. It was awesome and powerful and I give Jesus all the glory. You can get to watch the replay here by video or audio: