Jesus Loves Fish

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This word isn’t for deep theologians unless you are ready to be stretched by its simplicity. I’ve always read my bible trying to extract the deep spiritual meanings of contents but it’s so rare that I read it with simplicity. I believe that a balanced way of reading the bible is to behold it in a deep & a simple way at the same time. Some things in the life of Jesus are really simple that doesn’t require a deep super spiritual interpretation but though it’s simple, it’s also deep because it reveals something about him.

I’ve never dreamed of writing such a word but you know lots of unexpected things happen with you when you hang out with Holy Spirit. I call it a creative prophetic word, and this creativity proceeds from God. Not a long time ago I was praying to know God in details because he knows me in details, I want to know his likes and his dislikes and there’s no one better than God to introduce God to you. It was funny when Holy Spirit told me: “Jesus Loves Fish”. After hearing that, my first response was to make this statement spiritual but in vain, because it is simple, Jesus Loves Fish and enough. Now after hearing this, I read all the scriptures concerning Jesus & Fish and boy, it was there all the time. Jesus indeed loves fish; I mean he really loves fish.

Paparazzi Camera

Let’s follow Jesus through the scriptures to catch him practicing his hobby of Fish and take him by surprise. Jesus was known by many things: his mercy, his healings, his deliverances, his prophetic words, his authority, his teachings, his love for people, his great miracles, his walking on water, his multiplications of bread & fish, his prayer life, and many other radical things … but do you know Jesus in the simple things he loves to do? Like loving fish for example?

1- Jesus multiplied Fish many times to feed people (Mathew 14, 15)
2- Jesus multiplied Fish for Peter’s business (Luke 5)
3- Jesus likened his disciples to be fishers of men (Mathew 4:19)
4- Fish Love Jesus, Wherever Jesus is Fish follow him. (John 21)
5- Jesus knows where Fish are exactly! (John 21:6)
6- Jesus provided his & Peter’s taxes out of a Fish (Mathew 17:27)
7- John the beloved knew Jesus after his resurrection by the abundance of Fish (John 21:7)
8- Jesus prepared a nice meal of Fish & Bread for breakfast to his disciples after his resurrection (John 21:9)
9- Jesus counted the Fish; I mean it really takes time to count 153 BIG Fish. He loves numbering it (John 21:11)
10- Jesus told parables using Fish to illustrate his ideas (Mathew 7)
11- Now, this is so funny. After his resurrection, Jesus appeared to his disciples and while they didn’t believe it, he asked them: “Do you have anything to eat?” … what do you think they gave him to eat? Of course, FISH, after all these years they have learned that their master loves Fish. Jesus took it and ate it in their presence, I think by this he proved to them he was Jesus! Now, they believe! (Luke 24) … His sudden apparition didn’t convince them, but eating fish did! Sometimes it takes simple things to make you believe.

Jesus loves you more than Fish

This simple truth of knowing that Jesus loves Fish can lead us into deeper truths about him. I am sure you know that Jesus loves you more than Fish. Jesus’ love isn’t like human love. We love things in a selfish way, sometimes we mess others in the name of Love. A man ruins a girl by committing adultery to her and titles this LOVE. Jesus’ Love is pure, perfect and not self-centered, it always bless & edify others! (1 Corinthians 13). What does Jesus do with the things he loves? His love for Fish & what he did with Fish is nothing compared to what he will do with you & for you, for his Love to you is far greater than his love for Fish:

1- Jesus will feed you the things he loves
2- Jesus will multiply the things you love according to his will
3- Jesus will make you the way he wants you to be
4- Wherever Jesus is, there you are
5- Jesus knows where you are exactly
6- Jesus hid you & hid treasures in you that he will draw out from you in time
7- Jesus reveals himself to you by the things he loves
8- Jesus will serve you the things he loves, He gives you his Glory
9- Jesus didn’t only number your hair, but you count to him
10- Jesus will make your lifetime story a great inspiration to many
11- Jesus will only be satisfied by the things he loves, he will ask you for fruit

2000 years passed & I still love Fish, now you know what to do when you invite me for dinner!

Glory to God
Tony Francis

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