What God is Saying To You For May 2024? By Tony Francis

If this ministry is a blessing to you and you’re feeding on it, pray about sowing your best seed this month! Also, pray about joining our WhatsApp prophetic group for daily activations. Learn more!

Prophetic Word: Rule & Reign in April 2024 by Tony Francis

What is the Holy Spirit saying for you in April 2024? Listen to this exciting and powerful word by Tony Francis. 

Practical Ways To Activate Your Angels!

A lot of times we think about angels as fluffy, white baby beings with wings! But there’s so much more to these incredible beings. In the Bible, we see angels not only as God’s messengers but as warriors and powerful agents bringing His purposes to pass. Remember, they even ministered to Jesus Christ! I want you to start thinking more practically about angels and I will help you to activate them daily as I’ve been seasoned in this for years and mentor others in the ways of God. Listen to my podcast and share it with your friends and churches!

Wisdom For Divine Decisions: Prophetic Word For March 2024 By Tony Francis

What is the Holy Spirit saying for you for March 2024 PLUS a word of knowledge! Listen & share with others! God bless you.

The Word of the Lord For February 2024: Shifting From Death to Life

This recording contains a prophetic word I received in my prayer time from the Holy Spirit for you for February 2024. Please click play to listen.

Blessed Assurance: The Power of God’s Covenant & Spiritual Warfare

How to strengthen yourself in the spiritual battle on your journey to manifest the promises that God has made to you in Christ Jesus, as exemplified in Genesis 15.

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It’s Time For Breakthrough & Words of Knowledge [Audio]

Your breakthrough is at hand. Listen to this prophetic word, get some keys and revelations that will help you in your situation, and hear some words of knowledge at the end, you could be among those. God bless!

End of Days – A Classic By Kathryn Kuhlman

What does the bible teach about the end of days? In this short heart-to-heart talk, healing evangelist Kathryn Kuhlman unlocks the scriptures for us because the day of the Lord Jesus Christ is at hand. Listen with hope, respond, and share with your friends.

Prophetic Word for Year 2023: Breaking the Neck of the Enemy [Audio]

Hours after I wrote this prophetic word that Holy Spirit gave me for the year 2023, it was greatly confirmed by Apostle Patricia King and Prophet Bobby Conner when they released their own prophetic words for the year 2023. I am greatly humbled and encouraged! I am not considering myself in the stature of those two great spiritual leaders, but I rejoice greatly to be entrusted with such a weighty word. I will leave to you the reference links to their prophetic words if you want to check them and allow your faith to skyrocket. When the Lord confirms his word many times, it means he is establishing it. Halleluiah! Glory to God.

Link to the article: https://healednations.com/prophetic-word-for-year-2023-breaking-the-neck-of-the-enemy



How to Download God’s Agenda? [Audio]

Today’s podcast is exciting! You want to tune in because I believe you will be greatly blessed as I am going to share with you a spiritual practice that blessed my socks off. This practice was taught to me by the Holy Spirit, and it made God so real to me and unlocked God’s blessing for me each month. God is involved in your life but there are moments when it is so obvious that you can’t but cry out, wow, this is the LORD. I call this spiritual practice “Downloading God’s Agenda or Calendar”. Listen to my encouraging testimony because I believe the Lord wants you to partake of the same and wait till the end because I will announce to you a surprise related to it.