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April 8th, 2024: Great Days Are Coming For America, Canada and Mexico!

“Come, I will show you the bride, the wife of the Lamb.” Revelation 21:9.

On Monday, April 8th, 2024, God will reveal and announce the authority of his Church through the solar eclipse to the nations of America, Mexico, and Canada. It is a very exciting day to live in! Let me unpack it for you…

Biblical prophecy, especially New Testament prophecy, should always be seen through the eyes and the spirit of redemption. In my opinion, if it is not approached with this perspective, it will not be read in a purely divine way. The spirit of prophecy is the testimony of Jesus, and the meaning of the name Jesus is GOD SAVES! So not only should prophetic words bring redemption and salvation, but also anything else God brings to the table, such as the heavenly SIGN of this solar eclipse!

The sun is often referred to or seen as the Lord who is the light of the world and the moon as his Church/the Bride of Jesus Christ, with any person positioned under him reflecting his glory. “He was not that Light, but was sent to bear witness of that Light.” John 1:8

In a solar eclipse, the moon blocks or aligns with the sun and the earth, and the moon is seen as the Church, as I already mentioned to you. The Church doesn’t block God at all; she lives to reveal him to the nations. The heavenly event tomorrow in the skies will show the moon being embraced by the majesty of the SUN/SON, endorsing her and pushing her forth to the nations of the earth, specifically America, Canada, & Mexico as his ambassador.

What is going on here prophetically?

Of course, I highly encourage you to watch the videos going viral online and the many prophetic intakes and insights; it’s beautiful if we take the good from those prophecies and reject what is bad. But we prophesy in part, so here is my part that I believe will add more blessing and weight to this.

But before, I want to interject a truth and a revelation here that is very important and always saves me from pride. Every time you hear an anointed preacher or prophet canceling others or belittling them to convey a message to his audience and you that he is the only one speaking the truth, raise your red flags because there is a spirit of pride here, and when there is pride, purity is compromised.

I watched a famous prophet yesterday saying this on his YouTube video “with a strong tone and manner,” so I rebuked him in a comment, telling him, “You are operating in the ELIJAH SYNDROME MINDSET.” What is that? IT IS WHEN ELIJAH, IN PRIDE, CANCELED EVERY OTHER MOUTHPIECE, TELLING THE LORD RUDELY, “I AM THE ONLY LEFT FOR YOU. NO ONE IS WORSHIPING YOU ANYMORE AND SPEAKING THE TRUTH, AS I DO.” Really Elijah? God replied. I have kept 7000 for me. Let’s always remember this story.

Every time we operate in this mindset, we are definitely in pride, and we should cry over it for repentance. Pride is so ugly, man! The thought that I am the most important, the one and only, and all those garbage terms is gross. We are nothing! Just sinners saved by grace and lavished by his mercy forever and it is a humbling privilege to be used of the Lord. Always remember you prophesy in part; THIS KEEPS YOU HUMBLE! You don’t and can’t see it all. We need each other, we are family, one glorious body of Christ!

I just wanted to say all this. Wow, now I feel good and relieved having said it. I HATE PRIDE!

So back to the heavenly sign on April 8th, 2024, what is going on prophetically?

I believe the Lord is announcing a new weighty season of promotion for his Church, letting every eye see her authority and importance and that she is being embraced, endorsed, and placed in the bosom of the divine and pushed forth to the nations of America, Mexico, and Canada! The sign tomorrow is for those nations; it is God’s prophetic word and heavenly marker to them, in those big regions, the voice of the Church will be louder, higher, and seen like never before! Amen.

From the year 2023 until this moment, all around the globe, including myself, we have been discerning from the Holy Spirit that it is time for the Church to transition to the Kingdom age and take over the mountains of influence. You are part of THIS! You are for such a time as THIS! The world is not ending; Jesus is coming through his Church first.

Tomorrow, we start the Kingdom Age where the Church starts to rule over the nations and mobilize them for the glory of God.

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God bless you
Tony Francis