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Prophetic Word for Year 2023: Breaking the Neck of the Enemy [Audio]

Hours after I wrote this prophetic word that Holy Spirit gave me for the year 2023, it was greatly confirmed by Apostle Patricia King and Prophet Bobby Conner when they released their own prophetic words for the year 2023. I am greatly humbled and encouraged! I am not considering myself in the stature of those two great spiritual leaders, but I rejoice greatly to be entrusted with such a weighty word. I will leave to you the reference links to their prophetic words if you want to check them and allow your faith to skyrocket. When the Lord confirms his word many times, it means he is establishing it. Halleluiah! Glory to God.

Link to the article: https://healednations.com/prophetic-word-for-year-2023-breaking-the-neck-of-the-enemy