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Fish & Soul Party

“The Son of Man, on the other hand, feasts and drinks, and you say, ‘He’s a glutton and a drunkard, and a friend of tax collectors and other sinners!” Luke 7:34

If there is a man who knows how to party hard, it is Jesus! It was his reputation after all, everywhere at all times. When people looks at you coming they may say here comes the businessman, or here comes the funny one, there she comes hyperactive woman. But for Jesus it was different, here comes the “Party Man”!

The reason Jesus partied hard is not for the sake of the thrill of it although he loves joy, he is JOY. But he never missed an invitation not for the party itself but for who was there. Jesus is so interested in the attendees. He loves them! He visited those parties, engaged with the atmosphere totally, and interacted with others without sin. He was excited yet he remained focused on why he is visiting. He was there to tell all those seasoned attendees who were experts in parties, drinks, dancing, good food that your parties SUCK! Actually, he never said that openly, but it was, comparing to THE PARTY he was preparing for them, for YOU, the wedding of the LAMB!

The gospel of Jesus is THE good news for you that there is a greater party than the ones you are throwing every night and day in this world. In his party, you are not just an attendee served well but you are his own bride. If you are betrothed to Jesus and you are his bride, you have the chance to choose from now the flowers on the table, the music to play, the kind of food to serve. It is a mutual wedding, a mix of your taste with his.

If you really want to upgrade your party life, if you want to increase the dose, marry this happy guy as I did.

P.S: by the way, make sure to fill the banquets with fish, Jesus loves it. See you there!

Tony Francis
Glory to God