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Dancing Between Two Emotions

You host your own emotions, I am not saying something new to you here, we all know that. Your heart is your deepest part, your core, your behind the scenes where the action takes place. It is where you closely listen to your emotions where it whispers to you the sadness, other times shouts the thrill of joy and hope, not to list all the other scenarios and discussions that your emotions throw at you even when you are not in the mood for a 2 ways conversation!

Nobody like strangers, if a thief enters my house I will kill him. We protect ourselves well from aliens. Your heart is your space alone and you are a master over it, sometimes! Emotions are God’s blessings to you that flow like waves in your inner ocean. Sometimes it is a peaceful wave, other times it is a force, a storm. You are made in God’s image and God has emotions towards you!

Have you ever stopped to listen to the heartbeat of God for you? He has a big heart huh? What a glorious experience, right?

When you accept Christ in your heart, you host God in you what the Bible calls it “the new birth experience”. You become the temple of Holy Spirit where he dwells. Behind the scenes now there is a unity between you and the Lord. You will cry at what makes God cry and God will cry at what makes you cry. You will laugh with him and he will laugh with you but never at you! You are now officially hosting more than your emotions and God will give you grace, wisdom, and maturity to discerning what is yours and what is not, his word will sharply divide and pierce all layers.

Prophetic vessels of God are quite something! They need to be studied closely in a lab. A prophetic vessel not only delivers God’s word but his heart as well. The Helper the Holy Spirit is the ancient of days maestro who will beautifully orchestrate and harmonize the instruments of emotions of yours and God to create a beautiful melody that the deaf can hear but you will live your life on … dancing between two emotions because you are hosting God.

Tony Francis