Divine Connections For Your Increase

“But to which of the angels has He ever said: “Sit at My right hand, Till I make Your enemies Your footstool”? 14 Are they not all ministering spirits sent forth to minister for those who will inherit salvation?” Hebrews 1:13-14

Divine helpers are not your savior; Jesus is. Heavenly helpers are ministering spirits to help you inherit your salvation, but they are not the source. We need divine connections to receive the God increase!

Divine connections come in three categories. Remember, God is the source, so the list is three categories, not four because I am excluding the source. God will use his Angels, holy people, and sinners as your divine connections to help you move toward increase and glory. We have many encounters in the bible, the sure word of the Lord, about God sending Angels for help, sending holy people, and even using sinners and wicked rulers.

It was a very awkward moment for the prophet Elijah when he received provisional help from God through a black raven.

That was a stretch to Elijah, who knows from the holy scriptures that ravens are unclean animals. Yet God didn’t tell Elijah to eat the raven (uncleanness) because the word of God is clear that we don’t fellowship with darkness. Still, we need to be open and spiritually discerning when God wants to use the wealth of the sinners to transfer it to the righteous ones. A religious mindset would have canceled the raven’s possibility because a religious spirit is extreme in its behavior and rituals. But again, God didn’t change his mind about unclean people and doesn’t want you to come under their yoke because there is no fellowship between light and darkness. So don’t eat the raven; receive it when God commands it to bless you.

How many Christians today operate in a zealous heart and spirit and put a big X over sinners? Not only do they not fellowship with them, but they ignore them like they don’t exist anymore.

I will boldly tell you this because it is based on the bible; many zealous, good-hearted people have missed the opportunity and the possibility to have a God increase through those strange divine connections. Those unclean people are not divine; they are divine connections!

God wants to increase you. You are in the world but not of it. Keep your eyes on Jesus and discern his ways, when, and how he moves in your life. Is God telling you to have and keep some ravens in the network of your friendship?

God is God, and we are not.


Father, you are the source of my blessings and increase. I thank you for every resource you use and may use in my life to help me touch and attain my blessings. I honor you and your ways in Jesus’ name and thank you for your divine connections and helpers. Forgive me for not being flexible in this area; fill me with the understanding I need about this lest I miss the God increase you are sending my way. Every knee shall bow down to the name of Jesus, proclaiming he is Lord for the glory of God. Even the ravens are subject to your command, and who am I to refuse your wisdom? Amen.


I welcome my divine connections and do kingdom business with them in God’s wisdom and the Holy Spirit’s leading. I increase because I honor God’s ways by receiving the help I need in every season of my life.

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God bless you
Tony Francis