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Forever Loved – (Video)

A Stranger Called My Name – (Video)

Hope you enjoyed the Vlog (Video Blog). You can also read it here: A stranger called my name

A Stranger Called My Name

I had a bizarre experience that made me think again about everything. This morning I woke up to a phone call, not like any phone call. Usually, I keep my mobile next to my bed even I rarely get phone calls, especially in the morning.

I picked up and was about to say hello but the caller was fast in calling my name. He was sure it is my name, he was not asking or tone wavering he said hello to me as though he knows me for a long time. His confidence made me open my heart and ear to listen to him. “Do I know you?” I asked. I heard him smiling gently when he told me “I think you heard about me but you don’t know me”. This made that phone call more mysterious and bizarre to me. It stirred my curiosity!

“Would you please tell me who are you?” excitingly I asked. He said lovingly: “I AM calling you, would you like to meet?” I became silent for a moment that seemed a long time for him. I was deeply thinking but he wanted a quick answer. I have never encountered someone as excited as this stranger was to meet me. I said yes for no reason maybe because I was scared of not unlocking his mystery. The thing that made me say yes to him is how he called my name. Many know my number and my parent, friends, and relatives have called my name before but never this way. I knew for sure it was not a trick and I never met this ONE before. I was ready to take all my chances with him … Then I woke up from sleep!

Tony Francis

You can also watch this blog as a Vlog (Video Blog). Click here to watch it: A stranger called my name