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When the Prophetic Knocks on Your Door!


“And the day came when Elisha passed over to Shunem. And a great woman was there. And she laid hold on him to eat bread. And it happened, as often as he passed by, he turned in there to eat bread. And she said to her husband, Behold now, I see that this is a holy man of God who passes by us continually. Please, let us make a little room on the wall.

And let us set a bed for him there, and a table, and a stool, and a lampstand. And when he comes to us, he shall turn in there. And the day came when he came in there, and he turned into the room and lay there.” (2 kings 4: 8-11).

The prophetic can pass by you to stay or to leave, you choose! This book can be another book you read or a life-transforming message.

Do you have a little room in your heart for a prophet, the holy man of God? Do you have a place for the prophetic in your church? Build one!

Invest in stretching your territory to make room for the prophetic anointing because you will be blessed. This woman was rich not only because of her wealth but because she discerned a greater wealth and attracted it by honoring and welcoming the prophet.

You may say, I am rich, I am satisfied, so I don’t need a prophet to pass by me. This woman didn’t think this way, although she was rich, she was poor in other areas, she was barren, and money couldn’t give her a child.

She didn’t know by investing in the prophetic and sowing seeds of honor that she was opening the gates of heaven over her and making a room for life in her womb not only on the wall of her house.

There is always what we call the rewards of honoring a prophet. After she had built a room for Elisha, he wanted to bless her.

“And he said, what then is to be done for her? And Gehazi answered, truly, she has no child, and her husband is old” (2 Kings 4:14).

Elisha could have said what can I do to a wealthy woman? It’s me who needs her help. Had he thought this way, he would have hindered her blessing and turned off his gifts. But Elisha, who was wealthier because he was rich in the Lord and had access to things this woman didn’t have, he prophesied a son to her.

A prophet enriches your life when you think you have it all, even when your bank account is full.

There are always things you don’t see or hear that God prepared for you to release in your life. Just make a little room for him! Your honoring seed triggers the prophetic anointing and puts a demand on it.

Your wealth may be in your pocket like that woman, but the wealth of a prophet is in his mouth.

The seed of welcoming him, building him a room and blessing him with meals of hospitality triggered heaven to answer back. You can’t sow into heaven without triggering it to responding to touch your life.

I am not limiting your seeds to money only; it is not about what you give it is in the heart of honoring.

It may be money, room, a place to rest in, or maybe inviting a prophet to your church, etc.

In a nutshell, welcoming a prophet is the greatest form of honor you can give him whatever the expression of your giving is.

You can’t welcome a prophet and not embrace the supernatural. You step into a realm you’ve never walked in before when you touch a prophet’s life. Are you ready for some supernatural experiences to take place in your life?


There Is No Going Around, We Must Go Through!

I had an interesting conversation the other day with my niece and namesake Cheryl (who we call Tulla.)We were talking about life and the things that happen to get us “tied up”, by our own mistakes, sometimes by adverse results of other’s choices and sometimes just by events that happen that are out of our control but still they have the same affect of making us stuck in life.

Tulla and I both love to crochet, (although she is much better at it than I am), her mom (my sister) Diane taught me when I was round 13 years old.

So in our conversation I thought the analogy of yarn seemed to be fitting as I compared our lives to a long strand of yarn, stretching from one end to another. Along the way, there are the inevitable knots that occur, sometimes just one; usually from trying to go too fast or not paying close enough attention to our stitches, but those are easy to fix. Other times there can become a cluster of knots that seem to come from out of nowhere and these are not so easy to fix as they often seem to take on a life of their own, and can be more than frustrating.

We both laughed as we identified with the fact that we could spend hours, even days, trying to loosen, unravel and untie this mess and sometimes the harder we would work at unraveling it, the more the knotted mess would mysteriously grow. The point I was making was that the beginning and the end are distinct and no matter how many knots occur along the way we still end up where God had intended us to be, sometimes despite the knots and sometimes because of them. This reminded me of one of my favorite scriptures in the bible Genesis 50:20, “what was intended for evil, (or to harm me) God will use for good.”

Tulla then said something that really struck us both “yes, and there is only one way to fix the knot, you have to go back through the way you came” there is no other way!” Exactly! I replied!

I sat in silence for a second as I thought about the depth of what she had just said and then she followed up with something we had heard her mom say countless times “there is no way around; only through” referring to going through difficult situations and problems in life. This felt like a very profound moment, almost as if we had uncovered the answer to some mysterious riddle.

I’ve continued to contemplate this and realized that as we journey along the path of life, our disobedience and mistakes can cause knots along the way, tangling up the yarn and diverting us from God’s intended path…momentarily. But rest assured there is nothing that takes God by surprise!

When we find ourselves off course, entangled in the mess of our choices or mistakes, it is essential to recognize that we need to go back the way we came. This is what I refer to as “Full Circle Moments” in life where we are given grace and wisdom to untangle our mess.

Just as we patiently and carefully untangle a knot in a ball of yarn, we must retrace our steps, seeking forgiveness, making amends, and realigning ourselves with God’s will.

Sometimes, untangling the knots requires humility, as we acknowledge our mistakes and take responsibility for our actions. It may involve seeking forgiveness from others or making difficult decisions to rectify the consequences of our disobedience. Just as we gently pull and separate the strands of yarn to untangle a knot, we must be willing to address the issues that caused the entanglement in our lives.

As we untangle the knots, we gradually find ourselves back on the right path, where we were meant to be. It is a process that requires patience, perseverance, and a willingness to learn from our mistakes. We may need to seek guidance from God’s Word, prayer, and wise counsel to navigate through the complexities of untangling our lives.

Ultimately, as we untangle the knots and realign ourselves with God’s will, we begin to experience the freedom, peace, and purpose that come from being in the right place once the course correction has taken place. We discover that God’s grace is sufficient to redeem our mistakes and turn them into opportunities for growth and transformation.

Just as the untangled yarn becomes a smooth, unbroken strand, our lives can be restored and aligned with God’s perfect plan. The journey of untangling the knots reminds us of God’s faithfulness, His willingness to guide us back on track, and His ability to use even our disobedience and mistakes for our ultimate good.

I am praying that we will all embrace the process of untangling the knots, trusting that God’s loving hands are at work, leading us back to the center of His will, where we can experience His abundant blessings and fulfill the purpose He has for our lives.

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