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Getting Early to Meet Him

“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb and saw that the stone had been removed from the entrance.” John 20:1

Recently Holy Spirit was revealing to me the great blessing of submitting my waking up from sleep in a time he wants so I can meet with the Lord. To be honest, I discovered the hidden importance of this mystery and blessing from the bible unpacked by messianic Jewish teachers. God put these teachings before me in a supernatural way to grab my attention about this lifestyle because he wants me to tap in what I am already grafted in, the blessings of my forefathers who walked in this and experienced encounters with the Lord in their early mornings.

I am not here to defend this or tell you when to pray and when it is better to connect with God. The most important thing in all this dynamic is to meet with God! But there is a special blessing for those who rise up early in God’s timing to meet with him. It was God who put Adam to sleep to create Eve for him and it was God who woke him up after he was done! Can you imagine how awesome and thrilling it is to ask God to put you to sleep and ask him to awaken you to him and his blessings? I want this, do you?

The author and finisher of our faith Jesus Christ understood this kingdom principle and walked in it and the bible tells us repeatedly here and there that as part of Jesus’s routine, he woke up early and went alone to pray to encounter THE FATHER before anything else! God always honor those who honor him and put him as first in priority. You will be rewarded by seeing his face, it doesn’t get any better! You will hear him clearly, get directions, downloads and breakthroughs early and prepare the way of the Lord ahead of your day. You will walk on a path of raw blessings because you have paved it early with the Lord.

I will be open with you about this. It is a new lifestyle for me to rise up in God’s timing to meet with him because I love to sleep but I knew if I let Holy Spirit awaken me and not my alarm I will be empowered by his touch and grace to do this and so it is. Halleluiah

I encourage you today to possess this blessing that your name is written on and experience encountering the resurrected Christ who will change your life radically.

Toni Francis