<form action='https://www.2checkout.com/checkout/purchase' method='post'>
<input type='hidden' name='sid' value='1303908' >
<input type='hidden' name='mode' value='2CO' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0_type' value='product' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0_name' value='Example Product Name' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0_product_id' value='Example Product ID' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0__description' value='Example Product Description' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0_price' value='10.00' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0_quantity' value='2' >
<input type='hidden' name='li_0_tangible' value='N' >
<input type='hidden' name='card_holder_name' value='Checkout Shopper' >
<input type='hidden' name='street_address' value='123 Test St' >
<input type='hidden' name='street_address2' value='Suite 200' >
<input type='hidden' name='city' value='Columbus' >
<input type='hidden' name='state' value='OH' >
<input type='hidden' name='zip' value='43228' >
<input type='hidden' name='country' value='USA' >
<input type='hidden' name='email' value='example@2co.com' >
<input type='hidden' name='phone' value='614-921-2450' >
<input type='hidden' name='phone_extension' value='197' >
<input type='hidden' name='purchase_step' value='payment-method' >
<input name='submit' type='submit' value='Checkout' >
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