Kathryn Kuhlman: The Lord’s Healing Touch eBook

Author: Kathryn Kuhlman

Version: PDF

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Faith! What a mighty word is faith.

What is it that rolls back the dark shadows of death to send the glorious light of the resurrection in all its brilliant beauty to the sorrowing heart? What is it that lifts the burdens that are too heavy to bear? What is it that brings cleansing to the sin-sick soul? What is it that cools the fevered brow, eases the torturing pain, and heals the afflicted and diseased? The answer is FAITH.

But this is not faith for faith’s sake, not a mere believing in something or someone. It is Holy Spirit inspired faith. It is faith based on the teachings of the Word of God. It is faith, pure and simple, in the atoning merits of Jesus Christ who died on the cross for all men everywhere, and for you and me.

Faith is Christ-centered if it is Bible faith.

In all probability, you feel the need for such faith. That may well be the reason why you are reading this little book and why you are willing to meditate and pray about this most vital matter.

A faith that touches the Master for healing.

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