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In the Prophets’ Shoes – Replay ✅

Live Zoom Class

Video Replay

Speaker: Tony Francis

Type: Live Zoom Class (video + audio replay available)

Date & Time: Saturday July 23rd, 2022 at 9 pm GMT

Duration: 2 Hours 43 Minutes

Thank you for attending this online event. The Holy Spirit did great and mighty things in our hearts and through us for such a time as this. Glory to God!

You can come back to this private page anytime and choose the way you want to watch the replay, whether by video (Hidden YouTube Link) or audio (A downloadable MP3 file).

Feel free to email me your feedback and praise report about this class, I will use it on my website with just your first name (for privacy). Click here to email me: Send Feedback

We’ve emailed you the info access too.

God bless you and until next time!

Tony Francis
Author of Healed Nations

Thank you for keeping the access info for yourself please and not sharing it with others. We will remind you by email about any future event like that. Be blessed in Jesus’ name.