The Prison Of Emotions

Some people are in the prison of drugs, some are in the prison of alcoholism, some are in the prison of adultery and pornography, some are in the prison of depression and hopelessness, some are in the prison of selfishness but some are in the prison of emotional attachment and many aren’t aware of it. Jesus came to release the captives free; his power is available to you today to get you out of this prison. It’s a new day of freedom for you in the area of relationships.

What’s an emotional attachment? Emotions are a God-Given gift to us and it’s normal and balanced to experience a healthy emotional bond toward the ones you love and those you are close to, can you imagine a relationship without feelings? It’s dry, isn’t it? But it is a real problem when this emotional bond becomes bondage. It becomes bondage when you can’t live without someone and when this one becomes your source of every need and satisfaction and not God. The only person you can be slave to and remain free is God. Some people reading this can’t even live without the remembrance of people they loved but they lost, this too falls under the category of emotional attachment and you need to be free. Can you think of someone in your life today you can’t let go? Remember you don’t own these people they belong to God; they are his property so make sure not to put your label of ownership on what God owns.

I remember being tortured with this for years and years until the Lord dealt with me and healed my emotions and released me. Today my relationships are more blessed with these people that I used to relate to them without balance. Oh, I can’t tell you how beautiful this freedom is that God offers you in your relationships.  This freedom is calling your name today, come up!


Lord, for those serious about it I release your grace to touch their emotions with your breakthrough and freedom, and what they used to struggle with for years they can surmount now easily. Bless their relationships for your Glory in Jesus name. Amen! (I hear in the spirit the chains falling off and I sense that God will enlarge the territory of your relationships by sending more divine connections and people for you because now he can entrust you with more). Hallelujah, Glory to God!

Glory to God
Tony Francis