Long Lasting Success

How to have success and how to remain successful for a long time?


قوة التسبيح

نسبّح الله لأننا نحبّه. تعلّم كيف تفتح أبواب السماء وكيف تجعل الشيطان ينقلب على نفسه


اسم الرب ومجده

من اسم الرب تفيض صفاته فإن آمنت باسمه ترى مجد الرب


الترنيمة الجديدة

ما هي الترنيمة الجديدة؟ وما هي قوتها؟


التسبيح بصوت مرتفع

هل سبق لك ان حضرت حفلة عرس لأحد الأقارب او الاصدقاء وكانوا يتحدثون
بأصوات خافتة والموسيقى شبه منعدمة؟ لا أعتقد لأن ما وصفته لك للتو
هو أقرب الى جنازة منه الى عرس. هل هذه هي حال علاقتك بالرب؟


رداء البر ورداء التسبيح

ما هي علاقة البر بالتسبيح؟ إقرأ ملاحظاتي التي درستها في الكتاب المقدس والآن
اشاركك بها لتتبارك بهذه الإعلانات وتزداد في مسحة التسبيح والعبادة


We’ve complicated Love

Are you available to be loved on?


A Terrifying Beauty

You were made to encounter the terrifying beauty of Jesus continually
you were made to become like him!


Back to Authority

You were created by God to rule, reign and take dominion with him,
find out about your original calling!


The Bride of Christ

This devotion will stir your heart with so much passion and love and will
connect you to the heart beat of your heavenly groom Jesus.



If the Lord opened the window of heaven and shouted to you I LOVE YOU
it would be nice and honest but would his beautiful words save you from
hell if he didn’t die on the cross for you? Learn what true love is …


The Devil

This word isn’t to glorify the Devil whatsoever but to expose him who
likes to work in the dark & to open your eyes & redeem your time by
shifting your blame on God who is for you to the Devil who is against you.


Mary, highly favored

The qualities that prepared Mary for greatness can be imparted to you
also because God is no respecter of man. Find out more …


آبٌ أزلي

لم يُصبح الآب السماوي أبًأ بين ليلة وضحاها، فهو ليس جديدًا على اختبار الأبوة هذا
وهي ليست المرة الاولى التى يرعى فيها لأنه آبٌ منذ الأزل


Everlasting Father

God the Father didn’t become a father overnight, he is never new
to this experience of fatherhood, he is not new in the business of
fathering because he is the EVERLASTING FATHER.


You can hear God

There is nothing more exciting in the world than to hear God.
This word will change your life!


Harry the Guitarist

Harry was a young beggar who spent all his life on the street
but he was not an ordinary beggar he was talented in music
especially in playing guitar but something happened to him …


God’s Bosom

God created you for himself and he longs for intimacy with you!


The Truth about Prayer

God wants to teach you how to pray. Learn how!

The Prison Of Emotions

What’s an emotional attachment? How the gift of emotions in your
relationships can turn out to be your prison? Find out how it is possible
for you to love others and remain free. Learn important keys to have
healthy and balanced relationships that last for a long time under the
blessing of God.


The Heritage of a Son

The moment you become a child of God, you became his inheritor, now
think of it for a moment: what is it like to be an inheritor of God? Are you
aware that you are a son of the Most High God? Are you aware of your
inheritance with Christ? This revelation will position you today to tap by
faith into the riches of his Glory stored up for you!


The Language of Honor

Honor is the highest form of love expressed and when you are filled with
God’s kind of Love you can start talking his language!


My Testimony

I knew my father as a provider not as someone who longs for intimacy
with me. Read how my father’s distance and a broken relationship with
him messed me up and how my perspective of my perfect Father who
is like no other was deformed with the filter of my imperfect
experiences with my earthly father.


Relationships like Heaven

If you really want an exciting glorious life of blessed relationships,
look at the Trinity! God longs that your relationships to be on earth as
it is heaven! Let God coach you in relationships and bring you revival!


The Story of Rocky & Sandy

Are you a short term or a long term parent? Will your parenting
accompany your children and influence them to make godly
decisions even when you aren’t there? Learn the way God
designed parenting to be!

when father abandon you

When fathers abandon you

There’s nothing that can separate us from our heavenly Father
because Jesus paid the price of abandonment once and forever.
Let this powerful truth rock your world!


The healing touch of Jesus

What’s your bed of sickness? Jesus the Healer is visiting you
today through this word because he longs to show you
compassion as you come to him! our partners: buy hard on

by Bliss Drive Review